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What Skills Do I Need to Run a Franchise?

September 9, 2021

What Skills Do I Need To Run A Franchise?

Running a franchise is very much like running your own business, but much easier than starting it from scratch. Certain skills will help you get your franchise started, keep it going, help it become profitable, and grow further. Exposure to business concepts, in general, is helpful and having some level of financial acumen is necessary. But it may surprise you to know that some of the most important skills necessary to run a franchise are more about who you are as a person and less about having tons of “hard skills” derived from years in business.

What You Need To Run A Successful Franchise

  • A Leadership/Team Building Mindset – If you are the type of person who enjoys building a team of people and motivating them to achieve success together, you are a leader and very likely primed for success as a franchise business owner. Good judgment also works hand in hand with leadership.
  • Confidence to Excel – Do you have the belief that you can do whatever you put your mind to? That is having confidence in your abilities—an important trait that also inspires those you work with to feel the same about what they can achieve.
  • Dedication to Your Business – This is key. You must be ready to dedicate yourself, your time, and resources to getting your business started, running it at optimum levels, and continually growing to experience all the benefits of ownership.
  • Energy to Get the Job Done – Dedication to your business requires energy—all that you have to offer your team and to manage your resources proactively.
  • Flexibility to Adapt to Change – We’ve all learned in 2020, if not before, that the one constant in life is change—and sometimes our new normal afterward takes a bit of getting used to. As a successful business owner, you must be ready to quickly fill the gap with what your customers need as they navigate their new reality. Doing this takes flexibility and creativity—much like you have probably used many times throughout your own life as you have adapted to changing circumstances—both large and small.
  • Results Driven Mentality – Have you set goals in your life and felt the satisfaction and fulfillment of achieving them? If so, you have the results-driven mentality that every franchise owner needs to be successful.
  • Communication Orientation – To lead and motivate staff and provide exemplary customer service takes excellent communication skills. This means you know when to listen and when to speak, are open to feedback without taking it personally, and like to build relationships with staff, customers, and your community using positive interaction.
  • Willingness to Learn – Of all the skills necessary to run a franchise, this is perhaps the most important. When you purchase a franchise business, you are buying into a business model that has proven successful. Learning to put this business model into practice takes training and support, so you must be ready to receive these benefits with an open mind knowing that you are learning your pathway to business success.

How do you make the skills you have to run a franchise work for you?

Work with the right franchisor that has a proven business model and provides the playbook, training, and support you can simply follow to succeed in running your franchise. At College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving, we like to think that we are that franchisor. Our business model, which has proven to be both pandemic-proof and recession-proof, has stood the test of time since we began our business in 2005. In 2020, despite the many challenges, the average College HUNKS franchise revenue sales were $1.31 million.

The College HUNKS Playbook for Running a Successful Franchise

Though the thought of owning your own business is certainly a dream come true for many people, we also understand this could be an overwhelming thought to many. Just figuring out where to begin can be confusing but when you buy into a successful franchise, you don’t have to worry about that. Everything has already been figured out for you. At College HUNKS, we have worked hard to build a business model we know works and are prepared to share it with every new franchise partner that comes on board.

Extensive Training and Support for Your Store Opening and Beyond

College HUNKS’ franchisee training is unparalleled in the industry. We have created a comprehensive program that includes 10-12 weeks of ramp-up, including a 150-point checklist, and weekly calls. Our franchisees visit Corporate Headquarters, Brand Central, for week of training and three days on-site with a high-performing franchise location. The goal of our training is to expose you to and help you develop the skills needed for running your own location.

Your Own Coaches Dedicated to Your Success

Because coaching is a huge part of our company culture, you will receive your own dedicated Franchise Business Coach and a Marketing Coach who will work with you on an ongoing basis to maximize your growth and success. They will support you to help you improve operations and profitability, and hold monthly coaching calls with you to help you analyze your business performance. Your coaches will also regularly visit your store, and you can participate in momentum groups that give you a chance to learn from your fellow franchise partners.

The College HUNKS Performance Team will also work with every franchisee to provide training and support, in the form of phone calls and site visits, to ensure you are reaching your goals and maximizing profits. In addition, you will receive operations manuals, access to videos, an online knowledge library, and invitations to webinars on all the topics that running your own business entails. Franchise partners communicate with one another, share ideas, and solve issues using our internal social media platform.

Operations Support Designed to Boost Your Sales

Your business is supported by the College HUNKS Sales and Loyalty Center which fields calls from customers nationwide, seven days a week, and schedules jobs for all of our franchisees. As a franchise owner, you won’t have to worry about missing a call because you were helping another customer.

HUNKware Technology that is Second to None

College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving has an award-winning website that is easy for customers to find when they search for our services online. Our website provides a lot of valuable information for customers in the form of blogs, FAQs, and Moving Resources and customers can also schedule moving and junk hauling jobs online as well.

Additionally, our HUNKware software will make your job easy by handling booking jobs and billing for you from a computer in the office or even while out on the job through our app. You’ll find the ability to produce reports helpful as you track your location’s performance.

Exceptional National Brand Recognition and Marketing

Our award-winning marketing team has worked hard to build brand recognition for College HUNKS. All our trucks are emblazoned with our logo, colors, and phone number so the brand is well represented everywhere it goes. From a national level to the local level, we make every effort to keep the brand in the spotlight and top of mind for customers.

At College HUNKS, we don’t think you need experience as a mover or even a ton of business experience to be a successful franchisee. We are confident in the franchise program we have built over the years and have found that although some general skills will help you run a successful franchise, our team can help you fill in anything missing. We would like the opportunity to answer your questions and walk you through our process.

Contact us today for more information on how you can run your own successful College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving franchise.