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The College HUNKS® Story

From a Small Operation to Various College HUNKS® Franchise Opportunities

Nick and Omar, summer of 2003College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving® was born in the summer of 2003 when 21-year-old Omar Soliman spotted an opportunity to earn a little extra money to spend during summer break. His mom owned a furniture store in the Washington, D.C. suburbs, and Omar had noticed that during deliveries, customers would often ask if they could haul away the old furniture. They were willing to pay $50 or more for the service. Recognizing this need, Omar asked his mom if he could borrow her beat-up old cargo van and use it to offer junk-hauling. Later that night, he sat down with his best friend since high school, Nick Friedman, and started coming up with names for the business. Omar tossed out “College HUNKS Hauling Junk,” and they shared a good laugh. Then they thought about it for a minute. You know, that’s actually a pretty good name!

Omar used his computer to create some fliers, and the next day he started putting them up in the neighborhood. That evening, his phone started to ring, and they scheduled jobs from Day 1. Their business took off. Without experience or much of a plan, they made more than $8,000 that summer. The taste of entrepreneurship was exhilarating, but Nick and Omar weren’t yet thinking about this as a career. They had always been told to study hard, do well in school and get a nice job working for someone else.

Creating a Business Plan

After the wildly successful summer, fate intervened. The University of Miami had just started the annual Rothschild Entrepreneurship Competition, which awarded a $10,000 prize to the best business plan and $500 – $5,000 for honorable mentions. He called Nick to tell him about the contest, and they laid out a vision for a new type of junk-hauling company.

Omar and Nick had a vision to build a fully branded and systematized operation for serving customers that used a customer call center to boost efficiency. The centralized job scheduling would allow our moving and junk removal franchise owners to handle more jobs more quickly, resulting in more profits. Marketing, uniforms, and an emphasis on “WOW” service would create a great customer experience, ensuring repeat and referral business.

After six days of putting the business plan together, Omar was pleased to learn College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving® had been selected as one of 20 finalists. He was invited to give a presentation to a group of alumni judges consisting of business owners from all over the country – and he blew them away.

When he received the first-prize check for $10,000, he knew that “College HUNKS® ” — an idea born over a few beers with buddies — had become something special.

Nick and Omar receiving first prize check for College Hunks concept

From an Award-Winning Plan to a National Junk Removal Franchise

When Nick and Omar graduated from college, they took the normal path at first. They both landed office jobs, where they quickly felt unfulfilled. Is this really what they wanted to do for the next 40 years?

No. No! College HUNKS® had been more fun, had offered more freedom, and had shown that it could generate much more money than their corporate salaries. A few months after starting the corporate grind, Nick emailed Omar to ask what his timetable would be for launching the business. Omar emailed back that his timetable was now.

College Hunks 2019

Starting a Junk Removal Business

The friends fleshed out their business plan, created a checklist, created an LLC, opened a bank account, and took out a small business loan to buy their first real junk-hauling truck.

Since then, College HUNKS® has been growing exponentially. We have opened locations nationwide and expect to quadruple in size over the next several years.

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A Company with a Noble Purpose

Our purpose is to “Move the World” emotionally by eliminating stress for people who are moving or dealing with clutter, and by creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and hard workers who are eager to learn how to build a business. We do it by living out our core values.

Our core values, which we share with our junk removal and moving franchise partners and train them to inculcate in their team, are:

  • Always branding — This means always being professional and aware of how others see you, whether or not you are with a customer.
  • Building leaders — This means mentoring employees to help them learn and take on responsibility, and advance in business and in life.
  • Listen fulfill and delight — This means paying attention to others and showing extra courtesy or adding a little spark to their day
  • Creating a fun enthusiastic team environment — This is the kind of environment in which morale is high and people flourish.

Brand Milestones

2003: Summer job – Nick Friedman and his best friend Omar Soliman hauled junk using an old cargo van while still attending college. That summer, they did the hard labor themselves and made $8,000. This was their first taste of entrepreneurship.

undefined2004: Business plan wins competition – Soliman entered the Leigh Rothschild Entrepreneurship Competition in Miami, a competition that showcased the best business plan ideas. The business plan that he and Friedman wrote for College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving® won first place in the competition and came with an award of $10,000.

Nick and Omar in front of College HUNKS truck2005: Setting up shop – Soliman and Friedman opened in Washington, D.C., and expanded the company into a full-scale operation. In its first two years, College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving® hauled away more than 4,000 tons of junk and surpassed $1.2 million in revenue.

2008: Moving themselves – Soliman and Friedman expanded to a national franchise and became the youngest franchisors in America at the time. They added moving services to their repertoire and relocated their national headquarters to Tampa, Florida to open a call center that would support their franchise owners. Their first 10 franchise locations opened that same year and they achieved their first $1,000,000 in revenue.

Nick and Omar on CNBC2009: Growth and recognition – College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving® added three new locations and was named one of Inc.s 500 Fastest Growing Companies, and was ranked #30 on Entrepreneur’s Top 500 New Franchises. Soliman and Friedman appeared on the very first episode of ABC’s Shark Tank.

undefined2010: More media – College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving® added 12 new locations. Soliman and Friedman appeared on Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker. They also published their book, Effortless Entrepreneur: Work Smart, Play Hard, Make Millions.

2012: Satisfied franchise partners – The company achieved its first $10,000,000 in revenue and system-wide average unit income reached $310,211.86. It also earned Franchise Business Review’s Top 50 Franchisee Satisfaction Award and Inc.’s Hire Power Award.

undefined2013: Making the grade – College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving® added 10 new locations and was named one of Franchise Magazine’s Franchise 500 for the first time. Friedman was featured on HGTV’s House Hunters.

2016: Going international – The company reached 95 franchise locations and opened its first international location in Edmonton, Canada.

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"The proudest professional achievement for me was when we hit 100 franchise partners and $100 million in system wide revenue. That moved us from being an emerging franchise brand into becoming an established one."

Omar Soliman CO-FOUNDER & VISIONARY More Reasons Why

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