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Our Marketing Plans Win National Awards & Generate Results

College Hunks In Front of Their Truck

Designed to Help You Get Noticed

College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving® has a catchy and irresistible brand and has been repeatedly featured on national television shows. That sort of exposure is invaluable for our franchise partners because it has introduced millions of potential customers to our brand.

College HUNKS has won three national awards from the American Marketing Association for our branding, website, and marketing campaigns. We’re recognized for being excellent at generating leads for our franchise partners and for providing systems that turn initial customers into fans who will hire us again and tell all their friends to do the same. A College HUNKS franchise has a significant advantage in the marketplace compared to an independent operator.

It starts with a name—College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving—which sticks in your brain. It continues with our trucks, which are bright orange and impossible to miss, and with our professional uniforms, and culture of teamwork. The College HUNKS brand is strong, and it’s supported by an exceptional marketing plan.

Our Detailed Marketing Plan

College HUNKS franchise owners receive a tried and tested detailed Marketing Playbook, which backed by data. We show franchise owners how to find customers, how to make it easy for customers to find you, the most effective ways to network with people who can refer business your way, and ways to build the brand further in your market.

We also provide budget projections that give you an idea of what it might take to effectively market your business, broken down into different categories. For instance, to find customers, we recommend:

  • Search Advertising, Online Directories, Paid Leads
  • Guerrilla Marketing, Print Ads, Media Exposure
  • PR, Social Media, Client Loyalty, Charitable Services
  • Community Groups, Industry Groups

Each of those categories of “find your customer” marketing techniques are further broken down into smaller categories. For instance, we have six specific suggestions for guerrilla marketing, and each of those six has a recommended budget, tips for the best way to use the technique, and a projected ROI. We consult with our franchise owners on their marketing budget just like a financial advisor consults on a stock portfolio.

How Much Does It Matter?

None of the techniques are especially difficult if you have a plan to follow. The fact that we have a sophisticated, detailed, and proven plan is what makes our marketing excel.

More than 70% of our customers have said that our name played a major role in their decision to call us rather than our competition. The bright orange-and-green branded trucks elicit smiles, double-takes, and cheers. Our friendly, trustworthy employees are so well-liked that kids are known to ask them for autographs. When kids start asking your employees for autographs, you know you’ve got a great brand.

Become a part of a fun, successful, and lucrative brand with our franchise opportunity.