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Leesburg Moving Guide

April 19, 2022

Everything You Need to Know When Moving to Leesburg, VA.

You're thinking about moving to Leesburg, huh? We get it. The city of Leesburg, VA, has a lot going on for it. Some might say it has it all—a rich history, great food, welcoming people, plenty of outdoor activities, and a ton more. 

But you also have a lot of questions on your mind. If I move there, where should I live? What kind of job opportunities are available? What is there to do? What's the city known for? The list is endless.

Maybe you are a little bit stressed out. Maybe you're just ready and excited for a new chapter in your life. Whatever your situation, you've come to the right place. Here at College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving, we'll introduce you to Leesburg, VA, and walk you through everything you need to know before moving there. So grab a coffee, sit back, relax, and enjoy our Leesburg moving guide.

Living in Leesburg: The Basics

Population & Demographics

Leesburg is part of Loudoun County, which is the fourth largest county in the state of Virginia with around 413,538 residents and a population density of 747 people per square mile. The city itself has around 53,727 residents and a population density of 4,327 people per square mile. Between April 1, 2010, and July 1, 2019, Leesburg experienced a positive population change of 26%.

The majority of the people who call Leesburg home are White (73.8%). The rest of the population is made up of Hispanic or Latino (17.7%), Black or African American (8.2%), Asian (8.1%), American Indian (0.5%), and Native Hawaiian (0.1%). At $114,444, Leesburg's median household income is considerably higher than the national average and probably one of the highest in the nation.

The Cost of Living in Leesburg

For those considering moving to a more affordable city, the news isn't good. According to Livingcost.org, the average cost of living in Leesburg is $2,234, which is considerably higher than both the national average ($1,951) and Virginia average ($1,853)

As for rent, a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Leesburg costs about $1,215 per month. However, if you'd like a much bigger house, you can opt for a three-bedroom apartment going for $1,805. 

With a median home price of $434,300 (as of 2019), the cost of owning a home in Leesburg, VA, is significantly higher than the rest of Virginia. Utilities aren't cheap either. The utility bill for one person is about $102, while that of a 4-member family is roughly $158.

Leesburg Job Market

Leesburg's unemployment rate stands at a respectable 3.9%. For context, Virginia's unemployment rate is 4.0% while the national average is 5.4%.

Leesburg, of course, has an incredibly vibrant retail sector. Some of the biggest employers in the area are from the retail sector. Costco, Target, and Wegmans are all noteworthy retailers plying their trade in the area.

However, retail isn't the only sector that makes the local economy tick. Leesburg is widely known for innovation in automotive and manufacturing. It's also home to one of Stryker's many branches, employing more than 350 people.

With several major hospitals, including Heritage Hall Health Care and Inova Loudoun Hospital, there are also many opportunities for people interested in the health care industry. The average salary in Leesburg, VA, is around $72,000. For more insight into the job opportunities in Leesburg, VA, click here.

Part of the reason why Leesburg residents earn such high salaries is the strong education system here. A whopping 97.5% of K12-powered graduates go on to attend colleges, with many choosing some of the highly-rated schools close to home. According to Patch.com, the number of college graduates in Leesburg has been on the rise too. An estimated 61.3% of Loudoun County residents who are 25 and older have a bachelor's or graduate degree (as of 2019).

Getting Around Leesburg

1. Highways

U.S. Highway 15 and Virginia Route 7 intersect in Leesburg, providing highway access in all directions. The Point of Rocks Bridge on U.S. Highway 15, just minutes north of Leesburg, is the only bridge across the Potomac River between it and the Capital Beltway.

Virginia Route 7 runs from Alexandria, just outside the District of Columbia, to Interstate 81 in Winchester, with Leesburg centrally located.

Most people in Leesburg drive alone to work, and the average one-way commute takes 29.2 minutes. That's slightly longer than the U.S. average of 27.6 minutes.

That said, going carless is definitely an option in Leesburg, VA. With its compact downtown and readily available transport system, with a little planning, you should be able to get around pretty easily.

2. Public Transportation

Loudoun County Transit oversees the bus service in Leesburg and eastern Loudoun. The three Leesburg routes, plus the 7-to-7-on-7, which provides service from Leesburg to Sterling, have a central hub at the Leesburg County Government Center. Most of the routes operate Monday through Friday, from 7 am to 7 pm. Leesburg also has bike activist groups, like the Greater Loudoun Bicycling Meetup, which works to promote bike transportation accessibility and education throughout the city.

If you choose to get around the city using one of Loudoun County Transit's buses, expect to pay $11 for a one-way commute. The rate drops to $10 if you're using Metro's SmarTrip plastic card instead of cash. 

3. Washington Dulles International Airport

Washington Dulles International Airport is pretty sweet. Not only does it offer the convenience of several major airlines, but it's also small enough to be relatively hassle-free. Located just 17 minutes from downtown Leesburg, the airport is famously known for its dining options, ease of accessibility, and efficiency of the layout. Several airlines fly non-stop to major U.S. cities, such as San Antonio and Los Angeles, and the airport also offers non-stop flights to 52 international destinations, including Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Panama City.

4. Parking Options

If parking is a priority for you, Leesburg won't disappoint. For starters, downtown Leesburg provides plenty of parking options, including Town Hall Garage, Church Street Parking Lot, Loudoun County Garage, and Liberty Street Parking Lot. 

However, if you prefer on-street parking, there are approximately 70 metered parking spaces located throughout downtown Leesburg. On-street parking costs $1.50 per hour for a maximum of two hours in most locations. After 5 pm on weekdays and on holidays, on-street parking is available for free.

5. Road Conditions

Like any other city, Leesburg has its fair share of traffic snarl-ups. Drivers can keep up to date on road conditions through the Loudoun County Traffic Incident Activity Map. Alternatively, they can utilize Alert Loudoun, the notification system Loudoun County uses to send residents emergency information, traffic alerts, weather updates, and more through emails and texts.

Where to Live in Leesburg: The Lowdown on the Best Neighborhoods for You

Before we look at the neighborhoods here, it's worth noting that the education opportunities in Leesburg are in plenty. From kindergarten through high school, Leesburg's public schools are among the best in the state. Briar Woods High School, for example, was recently ranked as the 20th best high school in Virginia by U.S. News & World Report. Other top schools in the area include Heritage High, Loudoun County High School, and Evergreen Mills Elementary School. The latter, in particular, has earned recognition for its small teacher/student ratio and high test scores.

That said, here are the most popular neighborhoods in Leesburg, VA:

1. Beacon Hill

First up on our list of Leesburg neighborhoods is Beacon Hill. Sitting atop Catoctin Hill just west of Leesburg, Beacon Hill is awash with million-dollar homes. These homes were built with a variety of architectural designs on lots from one to eight acres. There is something for everyone in this wealthy neighborhood, including opportunities for shopping and fine dining. 

2. River Creek

Located about four miles east of down Leesburg at the confluence of the Potomac River and Goose Creek, River Creek was designed to highlight the natural beauty of its surroundings. Almost fifty percent of the land in this neighborhood is undeveloped, community-owned open land. Residents are comprised of retirees, working couples, and families with children. You can find a reasonably priced home in River Creek, but that's changing quickly.

3. Raspberry Falls

Just north of the corporate limits of the town of Leesburg is Raspberry Falls, a fairly wealthy neighborhood that attracts young couples and working individuals alike. You'll love living here if you are a golf enthusiast. Raspberry Falls Golf & Hunt Club, one of the most acclaimed golf courses in the country, is situated nearby. Other public amenities include tennis and swimming.

4. Crescent Place

Because of its coolness factor among young professionals and its trendy restaurants, this Leesburg neighborhood has been on the rise. It also boasts over 30,000 square feet of retail and commercial space. So if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, Crescent Place could be for you.

5. Historic Downtown

Historic Downtown is considered "the heart" of Leesburg. Dating back for as far as 1825, this neighborhood is very walkable with plenty of housing. But be warned—as with most downtowns, the apartments and lofts here can get a little pricey. 

What to Do in Leesburg: Nightlife, Art, and Culture

Rather than discuss all the theme parks and resorts, we want to introduce you to the finer things in the city, such as the Flower & Garden Festival, which is one of the most popular festivals in Virginia. The downtown festival boasts over 150 vendors, including plant sellers, landscapers, gardening suppliers, and more. 

For year-round performing arts, there's the Tally Ho Theatre and the Dance King Studios. Franklin Park Performing and Visual Arts Centre, located just 13.3 miles west of Leesburg, has been entertaining audiences since 1989.

When it comes to restaurants, bars, and clubs, Leesburg seems to have no limit. Tuscarora Mill Restaurant is a classic American restaurant with a low-key atmosphere and exceptional food. Travinia Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar serves Italian pub fare and has an extensive wine, beer, and cocktail menu. Echelon Wine Bar is a popular bar located in the historic downtown, which is the center of the city's bar and club scene. And we couldn't go without mentioning The Conche. This restaurant serves sweet cocoa-based dishes and chocolate-themed drinks, some of which are a creation of celebrity chef Santosh Tiptur. 

If nightclubs are your preference, take your pick. There's the Downtown Saloon, Spanky's Shenanigans, Rio Cantina, and an array of others.

The Weather and Outdoor Activities in Leesburg

As with most cities in Eastern U.S., the summers in Leesburg are hot and muggy, the winters are very cold, and it is partly cloudy year-round. Over the course of the year, the temperature ranges from 26°F to 89°F and is rarely above 96°F or below 12°F. 

Based on the tourism score, the best times of the year to experience the wonderful Leesburg outdoors are for the entire month of June and from early August to late September. 

If you love adventure, visiting the Harpers Ferry Adventure Center is a must. Get your feet wet with whitewater rafting, or flex your muscles tubing down the Potomac River. Alternatively, you could opt for some intense golfing action.

Leesburg has many unique golf courses, but River Creek Club is perhaps the most popular. Go pro on a small scale when you visit this golf course for 18 rounds of miniature golf. If you want to take your swing to the next level, head over to the Raspberry Falls Golf & Hunt with 36 holes of championship golf. 

For those who are looking for fun outdoor activities for the whole family, Leesburg won't disappoint. Get up-close and personal with camels, zebras, pigs, llamas, and more at Leesburg Animals Park. Make your way to the Crooked Run Orchard for unforgettable cherry-picking experiences. Better yet, bring a picnic to Morven Park.

Moving to Leesburg: Cross-Town Move vs. City Relocation

If you are moving to Leesburg from just across town, all you've got to do is update your mailing address and you're good to go. Call the Office of the Commissioner of Revenue at 703-777-0260 and have them change it for you. Alternatively, fill out the Real Estate Change of Address Form.

However, if you are moving to Leesburg, VA from another state, you might have to iron out a few logistics before settling into your new home. 

  • Set Up Utilities

To set up electricity in your new home, reach out to Dominion Energy at 888-667-3000 or the Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative (NOVEC) at 888-335-0500.

As for gas, your only option is Washington Gas, and you can reach them at 800-752-7520 or 703-750-1000.

  • Vehicle Registration

If you're moving from another state, you must update your license and register your vehicle(s) with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. The Leesburg DMV Office is located at 945 Edwards Ferry Road NE. Reach them at 1-866-368-5463.

In addition, you must register your vehicle(s) with the Loudoun County Commissioner of Revenue within 60 days of moving into town.

  • Voter Registration

If you did not register to vote when you changed your address on your Virginia driver's license, you should register with the Loudoun County Voter Registration Office.

  • Dog License

Dogs older than 4 months must have an annual Loudoun County license. You can purchase a dog license at the Loudoun County Treasurer's Office.

  • Change of Address

Lastly, remember to change your address at the local post office. Leesburg Post Office (Main Branch) is situated at 25 Catoctin Circle SE, while Leesburg Post Office (Downtown Branch) is located at 15 East Market Street.

The Pros and Cons of Moving to Leesburg

The Pros:

  • Downtown Leesburg

The Historic Downtown Leesburg is a picturesque little burg bursting with quaint retail shops, antique stores, art galleries, restaurants, and chic home décor stores. Take a stroll here, and you'll be instantly transported back in time.  

  • Award-Winning Wineries

If you are a wine lover, you'll definitely appreciate the richness and diversity of the wineries in Leesburg. Popular ones include Stone Tower Winery, Casanel Vineyards, and Fabiolli Cellars. 

  • Warm and Welcoming Residents

Spend some time chatting with the locals, and you'll quickly gain a sense of appreciation of the community found in Leesburg. The people here are kind to a fault.

  • Top-Notch Healthcare 

Leesburg has got some of the best healthcare facilities in the whole of Virginia. The Inova Loudoun Hospital, for instance, is nationally ranked as the best facility for adult specialty and rated high performing in three conditions/procedures and three adult specialties. It's safe to say that your health will be in good hands if you do move to Leesburg.

  • Low Crime Rate

Your chances of falling victim to a crime in Leesburg are incredibly low. According to Crime Grade, only 6% of U.S. cities are safer than Leesburg.

The Cons:

  • Costly Housing

Like we mentioned earlier, buying a house in Leesburg will cost you a pretty penny. For instance, the cost of a townhouse could be easily above $400,000, while a typical single-family home could cost an excess of $500,000. But it's not all doom and gloom. Loudoun County recently launched a housing program to enable residents to own homes at a cheap. It's called the Affordable Dwelling Unit (ADU) program. Click here to learn more about this program. 

We Can Help with Your Leesburg Move

The pros of moving to Leesburg clearly outweigh the cons. With an efficient transit system, fantastic food, hot nightlife, quality healthcare, and plenty to do, we think Leesburg could be a good spot for your next move. All the best going forward.

If you decide to take the plunge, don't hesitate to reach out to the honest, friendly, and professional movers at College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving. We facilitate city-to-city relocations and cross-town moves, and we would love to help. 

And if you're looking for helpful recommendations or up-to-date moving tips, feel free to check out our Moving Resources.