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Home Services Franchise - Why Owning One Might Be The Right Move

September 20, 2019

Home Services Franchise - Why Owning One Might Be The Right Move

Home services franchises are on the rise in today’s economy. It seems that the emerging workforce prefers to do their own thing, veering away from the moorings of the corporate lifestyle and leaning into entrepreneurial and small business owner ventures. On the other end of the spectrum, a significant sector of the population is starting to retire from those corporate jobs and are starting their own small businesses because they want to spend the next chapter of their lives doing something they like to do - because they can.

Home services franchise might be a good choice

The home services industry offers a number of franchises for the small business owner. These services span a range from landscaping, plumbing, and HVAC to concrete finishing, moving and hauling, carpeting and flooring, and more. When researching the mountains of available franchise opportunities, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed about what kind of franchise you’re interested in, startup costs, build-out and equipment costs, insurance, licensing, and all of that.


Most home services businesses tend to be recession-proof, to some degree. Even though consumers might not spend the money to install brand new flooring or refit all of their pipes, or get a new heat pump, unless it’s absolutely necessary, individuals and businesses still need to move things and get things removed during an economic downturn. Home services, such as moving and junk hauling businesses are growing as the barriers to entry are less involved than with most other home services businesses that require a considerable amount of training and certification to just get up and running. These home service businesses include plumbing, HVAC services, concrete finishing, as well as carpeting and flooring. Generally, the people that open new businesses like these, already work in these professions and are looking to start their own plumbing or flooring businesses.

Equipment and Warehousing

Depending on the home service franchise that interests you, some will require a physical location and possibly a warehouse but of course, some don’t. You don’t actually need a large warehouse if you don’t carry a lot of inventory or use a lot of large equipment. Contrary to popular belief, some businesses, such as moving and junk hauling can be performed with as little as a truck, an extra set of hands, blankets, tie-downs, and maybe a dolly or two. Most home services businesses require one or more vehicles in order to operate efficiently.


Other home services businesses, such as landscaping, exterior painting, and concrete finishing can be seriously seasonal with most of the work or service performed during the warmer months. In warmer climates, such as Florida, California, parts of the Southwest and the Southeast, these businesses could perform better than those in regions with extremely cold winters.

Moving and hauling myth revealed

Some sources indicate that the moving and junk hauling business depends on the economy, the housing market, and warmer seasons. While more folks tend to move in the spring and parts of the summer, during house buying season, people move things all of the time. Students move out of dorms, apartments, and houses in December, as well as in the spring and summer. Someone’s washing machines and dryers need replacing every day and some people finally get around to cleaning out their garages and storage sheds at some point. Commercially, junk haulers can pick up on the disposing of leftover materials, just replaced office furniture, and carting off carpeting for other companies and individuals, when the moving business is typically otherwise slow.

Moving and hauling junk home services franchises

One of the staples of the home services industry, moving and junk hauling, requires the skill it takes to pack and move furniture and other household items expertly but doesn’t involve enrolling in a community college’s vocational program in order to get certified to provide specific home services. However, while you may not need to invest as much in equipment and storage space in the moving business, it certainly pays to develop your people skills.

Brand Recognition

As there’s plenty of competition in moving and hauling junk from any enterprising person with a truck to large enterprises with lots of trucks and employees, with all of this competition it’s difficult to make a name for your company, as brand recognition isn’t easy to come by. As an option, it helps to find a moving and hauling home service franchise with a name people can relate to, that is recognizable and clever. With all of that in mind, a moving and hauling company franchise, such as College HUNKS Hauling Junk and Moving might be the right choice for you if you enjoy:

  • Meeting new people every day
  • Job diversity, no two days alike
  • Making moving less stressful for your customers
  • Being part of an award-winning company
  • franchisee program with great training
  • An excellent support system
  • Great marketing and lead generation programs ready to go for your market area

College HUNKS Hauling Junk and Moving

College HUNKS Hauling Junk and Moving is not just a catchy name for a moving company, it’s the original story of the company’s co-founders. Moving furniture and hauling off old furniture helped childhood friends, Nick Friedman and Omar Soliman make some good money during the summer break from college in 2003. Toying with the idea of actually starting a moving and junk hauling company, these two college students wrote a business plan, entered it in the University of Miami’s Rothschild Entrepreneurship Competition, and won $10,000. With Omar and Nick’s fully branded and systematized operation in place to revolutionize the moving and junk hauling business, it was only a matter of time before these guys realized that they wanted to open College HUNKS., for real.

A College HUNKS. franchise may be the right move for you

As one of the fastest-growing franchises in the US, College HUNKS. features:

  • Centralized job scheduling
  • Marketing tools to help you grow
  • Uniforms and trucks that advertise our outstanding services
  • An emphasis on creating a WOW customer service factor that ensures repeat business and referrals

Contact us to start your College HUNKS. franchise!