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Drought-Tolerant Landscaping: A Look at Rainwater Harvesting Architecture

May 8, 2023

As of a couple of years ago, around 85% of people are now thinking more sustainably when making purchases. More and more people are aware of how their actions impact the environment and the future of the world.

One way to be more sustainable when making purchases is to think about making changes to your home with rainwater harvesting architecture. This can help benefit you and the environment in so many ways.

Are you curious to learn more about rainwater harvesting architecture, what it is exactly, and what the benefits are? Keep reading to learn more about this drought-tolerant landscape design.

rainwater harvesting
What Is Rainwater Harvesting Architecture?

Rainwater harvesting architecture refers to how the rainwater system is constructed and designed to capture rainwater and store it for a later use.

To set this up, there is the installation of a collection system. Typically, this can be seen as a roof or gutter system to drain rainwater into a larger storage tank or reservoir that holds it.

Sometimes, this rainwater harvesting architecture can include specific treatment systems to purify the water for drinking. It may even include something to use for draining distribution systems to transport water elsewhere.

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More About Drought-Tolerant Landscape Design in Your Home

A specific rainwater harvesting architecture will differ based on the needs of a particular location where the rainwater harvesting is set up. This is usually dependent on the frequency of rainfall as well as the size of the rock drainage landscaping barrels.

Whether the area is urban or rural, it can be set up in both areas as a sustainable resource to be there for various uses such as irrigation, landscaping, or even domestic use.

Some rain barrels ideas are beautiful as well, so you can make your landscape design exactly how you want it to look!

benefits of harvesting rainwater

Benefits of Rain Harvesting Architecture for Your Home

There are so many different benefits of rain harvesting architecture as well. Here are some of the many benefits that you can have from rain harvesting.

Retains Water

Obviously, the biggest benefit of rainwater harvesting architecture is that it retains water from all rainfalls. This happens every time it rains, therefore saving you money on your own water supply.

It doesn't require money to harvest this water (other than the upfront cost) and it doesn't require a lot of energy either.

Less Pollution

Rain harvested provides some of the least polluted water resources. It is also much cheaper to treat than typical water sources as well!

Increases Property Value

If you are thinking about selling your home soon or even the distant future, adding a rain-harvesting architecture system to your home can increase your home's value.

This is because you have a sustainable water and storage system in the home which will benefit the next homeowner as well.

Other Benefits

Creating a rain harvesting system has many other benefits as well. These include:
•    Reduces extreme rain flows and erosion of property
•    Reduces sanitary sewer overflows
•    Reduces potable water demand because of the sustainable practice

rainwater harvesting designs

Types of Rain Chain Drainage Designs

Luckily, you do not have to choose a one-size-fits-all rain chain drainage system. You can choose one that fits your home and what you want it to look like.

For instance, you can choose an inverted roof that gives your home a unique look but also collects rainwater at the same time. The rain will drain into a cistern for storage in this type of design.

There are many different roof designs that can collect rainwater. Typically, they are collected into cisterns or rain barrels. This is dependent on the amount of water that you plan to collect.

However, not only will these systems collect rainwater, but they also work to help your landscape design. They will reduce flooding and erosion in the area that you are in. Not only that, but they can also improve water quality as well as reduce water bills since you are using natural resources for your water supply.

Create a Zen Space

If you want your water supply and rain chain to look architecturally sound with your space, consider creating a zen-like space with a traditional rain chain.

This can create the sound of trickling water as well as look beautiful while doing its job.

This is a great design if you are going for a minimalist theme in your house.

Create a Rain Chain Design That Hides the Rain Collection

If you don't want to make your rain chain easily noticeable by going all the way to the rain drain collection of water, then you can make it go below your patio. This is a beautiful design above the patio, but you are still hiding the collection of water below the patio.
This is also a great design mechanism as it helps you to avoid pooling water on your deck or patio.

harvesting rainwater

Rainwater Harvesting Architecture

Drought-tolerant landscaping is becoming much more popular these days. That's because more and more people are trying to figure out ways to be more sustainable. And one way to do that is by coming up with rainwater harvesting architecture for your home.

If you are thinking about moving soon and want to incorporate this into your next home, let us help you with your move so you can focus on your new house design! Contact us at College Hunks Hauling Junk to get pricing.