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How to Sell a Home and Get the Best Value for Money

May 1, 2023

Did you know that 5.64 million homes were sold in 2020 alone?

That's quite a lot of homes, and although many were sold, that doesn't mean they were all sold in the best way!
If you want to know how to sell a home in the best way, you need to read these tips for selling a home fast and for the best value! 
Once you're done reading this, you'll be ready for your upcoming move. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

Sell home for value
Choose a Sale Strategy

The first thing that you need to do when you want to sell your home is to choose exactly how you want to sell it. 

This means that you need to determine if you are going to go for sale by owner or choose to use a broker for the sale. You need to weigh the options between these two depending on how confident you feel in your ability to market your home and negotiate.

However, if you are going for a fast sale, this may not guarantee that, nor will it probably get you the highest price for your home. A real estate agent often has more experience and knows how to get you the best value for your home quickly. So, what are the pros and cons of using a real estate agent?


There is usually a benefit of having a real estate agent on your side if you want to sell your home at a higher price. They have the expertise that you need in order to sell your home quickly.

They will also know what should be in a contract to ensure that everything runs smoothly with the sale of your house.


However, when you hire a real estate agent, they are going to take a commission from your house so that you will not receive the total cost that you sell it for. It may also take you some time to find a real estate agent.

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Clean Everything Thoroughly

Before you put your home on the market, you should clean everything thoroughly. This means that the hard-to-reach corners, shelves, behind appliances, and even the baseboards should be cleaned.

Hiring a professional cleaning company may be beneficial for this part of selling your home. 

Once you clean everything, it will be ready for photos and shows.

home staging
Consider Staging

Once you have cleaned everything and have depersonalized the home, you should consider staging your house for a show. This is a great idea for both in-person showings and online photos.

There are many benefits of staging a home. 

For starters, staging may allow you to sell your home faster. In fact, it can help sell your home three to 30 times faster than if you don't stage it!

This is because many people who look at the home may feel that they can visualize living in it more clearly. But what else can it do?
Staging a home can help buyers emotionally connect to a home. They are able to see what it would feel like if they were to live in it, how they would feel sitting at the dining room table, and what lying in bed on a Tuesday night would feel like.

In addition to being able to visualize where they would live, it will also increase their perceived value of the home. It looks cleaner and accentuates the positives of the property.

According to NAR's 2021 Profile of Home Staging, more than a quarter of homebuyers are willing to look past faults in a property if the home is staged!

When it comes to staging a home, it is best to consider hiring a professional photographer to make sure that they get the best angles and make your home look as good as possible online.

refresh home painting

Think About Repainting

Whether the paint in your home is old or if it is a color that might not attract buyers, repainting your home can do wonders. It can make it look fresher as well as make it look more appealing to buyers.

For instance, you may have wanted to make a bold statement and paint your bathroom black. That's not going to appeal to everyone. Instead, repainting it a neutral gray or white will attract more buyers instead.

home repairs

Make Necessary Updates

Before you put your home on the market, you need to make the necessary updates that your home needs.

If you have old appliances, consider updating these first.

You may be thinking that this is going to cost quite a bit of money—and you're right. However, it will pay off in the long run when you sell your home for a higher value than you would without these updates.

loan documents
Get the Right Documents

Before you can sell your home, make sure you gather the right documents.

You will need mortgage loan documentation, mandatory disclosures, the deed to the house, and property tax records.

Having these before you get started with the process will make it run much faster. 

closing the deal on a home sale

Tips for How to Sell a Home Fast

Now that you know all of the tips for how to sell a home fast, it's time to get started!

Once you choose a sales strategy, you can consider staging the home, repainting, and making any necessary updates that your home needs. 

Once you sell your home and are ready to move, we want to help you! Contact us at College H.U.N.K.S Hauling Junk & Moving to get started.