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How to Achieve a Minimalist Theme in Your New Home

February 13, 2023

Everyone curates their own design style within their home to reflect their unique taste and personality. It's easy to draw inspiration from the modern trends in home design as they're appealing for those with elegant taste.

A minimalist theme sparks space for creativity, innovativeness, and cleanliness. Many high-profile celebrities swear by minimalist homes, as do those interested in a more zen way of life.

No matter why minimalism appeals to you, it probably speaks to you for a reason. Keep reading to explore how you can turn your home into a minimalist theme interior design dream.

what is minimalism

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is an art movement that's customs apply to any type of art. Minimalist interior design characteristics include monochromatic and neutral colors, cleanliness, and simplicity. Its philosophy surrounds the idea of only using necessities, and anything unnecessary is disregarded.

Minimalist home design incorporates only the essentials in a space. Clutter and lavish decor is not a part of minimalism.

Floor plans consist of open spaces and continuity. Any decor is subtle, while furniture is functional and has clean lines and shapes.

Bright spaces with lots of natural light embody minimalist design. White and off-white colors are typically used for the walls.

Even though minimalism is simplistic, it requires deliberate effort when choosing which pieces to arrange in your space.

minimalist declutter

How to Incorporate a Minimalist Theme in Your Home: Declutter

The first and foremost minimalist interior design tip is to declutter. You can buy all of the minimalist decor and furniture you want, but the look won't be achieved if there is extra clutter surrounding your space.

Not only will decluttering help you achieve that effortlessly elegant look, but it improves mental health as well. Our exterior environment is often a reflection of our interior headspace. If our home is cluttered with various things, it can mean you are disorganized.

Decluttering reduces stress, feelings of overwhelm and increases a feeling of peace and inner control.

There is a direct correlation between decluttering and living a higher quality of life.

To effectively declutter, make piles for what you will be keeping and what to donate. After this, you'll need to take inventory to see how you will store the objects you're keeping. Wicker baskets are perfect for storing miscellaneous things and fit the minimalist aesthetic.

If you need extra storage space, consider getting a piece of furniture like a credenza. These are chic cabinets that allow you to store clutter while looking modern and minimalist on the outside.

minimalism - intentional buying

Only Buying Items, You Love

The minimalist standard doesn't adhere to excessive consumerism. Since the furniture you have will be primarily what is on display, you're going to want to love it.

This makes looking for home decor and furniture an adventure. You can spend time curating a list of things you have to have. While it may take you longer to achieve your final vision, the fun is in the process anyways.

Take your time choosing high-quality pieces that will last longer. Have fun picking out subtle colors that add a pop against the mostly neutral background, such as shades of natural green or blue.

minimalism natural

Embrace the Natural

Minimalist embraces all things naturally made. To play around with the look and feel of a room, play around with texture. For furniture, you may want bamboo pieces with lots of leading lines. Smooth clay bowls to put on display may be a nice contrast to these brash lines.

Whatever inspires you, it's exciting to have multiple textures and shapes in one room. Minimalism embraces that any room you're decorating is like an art display. Rearranging furniture, moving decor from one room to the next helps things do not get dull and bland.

Keep in mind that if you're mixing shapes and textures, you'll want a color scheme to cancel out the possibility of stimulation overload. Your walls are probably white or a beige to start with a neutral base. Adding other earth-tone colors like taupe, khaki, and sage creates an earthy feel in addition to the subtle white.

minimalism with a purpose

Everything Has a Purpose

Just like you want to buy only things you love, everything should serve a functional purpose too. Any decor you have should support the role of your furniture. This means that many vases, bowls, baskets, and such offer an element of decoration to the furniture on display.

Coasters and coffee table books, for example, serve a purpose and can add decoration based on what style of these you decide to purchase.
Things like throw pillows will want to have a minimalist design as well. While they can be patterned, keep in mind what colors will go with your space. The patterns should have shapes and lines that flow naturally with the furniture.

Decorating with house plants adds some color, incorporates nature, and serves a function as well. House plants are the perfect addition to add to any minimalist room.

minimalism natural lighting

The Importance of Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is one of the most important elements to embrace in your space. With all of the whites and off-whites, spaces can tend to feel sterile. You don't want to give off the impression you're going to a doctor's office.

Instead, embracing naturalist lighting helps liven the space even more -big windows, when possible, add to the minimalist design anyways. Adding mirrors and white paint with warmer undertones allow light to bounce off the furniture and walls.

Get Started

Since it may take you a while to achieve the minimalist theme you're idealizing, don't wait to get started. At the very least, you can start decluttering your space.

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