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Closet Storage: How Can You Create More Space?

January 23, 2023

Organize Your Closet Space This 2023

You've got your helmet in one hand and your industrial flashlight in the other. You take a deep breath, step forward, and steel yourself for a loud, ground-shaking crash. 

Has opening the closet door always been such an ordeal? It's a brand new year, so it's the perfect time to reconsider your hazardous approach to closet storage. 

Imagine opening your closets and feeling your shoulders drop with the knowledge that everything you need is in its place. We want to help you achieve that sense of zen. That's why we've collected our best storage ideas and closet-cleaning tips to help you tackle your most intimidating home organization goals. 

Read on to learn how you can turn your bedroom closets into oases of organization—no helmet required!

total closet clutter

Getting Rid of Clutter

One foolish phrase is enough to dismantle any closet organization system: "What if I need this later?"
Begin the tidying process by being honest with yourself. What items do you use regularly, and which items have been taking up space for weeks, months, or even years?

Once you've banished the clutter from the closet, call a local junk removal service to haul it away. 
Junk doesn't have to be large or unwieldy to be worth getting rid of. Start with small, unsentimental objects like garment bags, broken hangers, and empty boxes or packages. They all take up space and getting rid of them instantly eliminates overwhelming visual clutter. 
From there, consider using a tried-and-true decluttering method to help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

You might create piles for keeping, trashing, and donating and sort items until the closet is empty and ready for a change. You might also enjoy using the Konmari method, which prioritizes keeping things that spark joy. 

closet sort by season

Sorting by Season

How do you decide what takes up precious closet space and what gets put away? Turn on the weather channel or look out the window. There is no reason why you should take up space with bulky sweaters or boots when there's a heatwave on the horizon.

Fine dining restaurants curate seasonal menus. Allow yourself the luxury of curating a seasonal closet with only the garments you reach for on display.

Make use of space-saving storage solutions like vacuum bags to keep bulky clothes out of the way until they're needed. We love using rolling, under-the-bed storage bins for lighter, summer-weight clothes and shoes. 

sorting walk in closet

Embrace the Closet Floor

Clothing slips from hangers, and boxes and packages get shoved into corners. Soon, piles and piles of fallen clothes and forgotten packages accumulate into a veritable moat on the closet floor. Can you call it a walk-in closet if you can't walk in without trampling all over your stuff?
First, figure out what's down there. Hang up (or get rid of) anything that has fallen—if it has been on the floor for three years, you probably don't need it.

That goes double for empty boxes you have been keeping "just in case" you return those shoes you bought five years ago.

Once your floor is clear, make use of the space! You can put a dresser or shoe rack in the closet to help you organize your extras. The hardest part will be picking items up as soon as they fall so you can maintain your new system.

closet shelf

Don't Sleep on the Top Shelf

We all say "out of sight, out of mind," but sometimes "out of mind" leads to an excess of clutter on the top shelf of your closet. Rather than jamming everything into bins, use your closet shelves as an opportunity to display what you have rather than hide it away.

Pick up a shelf divider or two to help you create a sense of visual space and separation. You can even use closet shelves to display jewelry with the right accessory organizer. If you think of your closet as a museum instead of a mausoleum where accessories go to die, you'll be more likely to wear the great pieces you already own. 

inside door closets

Hang More from the Door

The back of your closet door is excellent closet real estate and can help you squeeze more of your stuff inside without adding to the disarray. Consider hanging an over-the-door shoe rack on the closet door and keeping all your favorite kicks at eye level. You can also use over-the-door hooks to hang your favorite pieces or outerwear for quick access. 

closet lighting

Trick Your Brain with Light and Color

Even the most organized space looks gloomy and unappealing in the dark. One key to maintaining an organizational system is ensuring you can see what's there. Adding lights helps you spot fallen items before they can cover the floor. 

Light colors also help small spaces appear bigger. While a coat of paint won't give you more physical space, it will help you feel less claustrophobic when you open that closet door. Mirrors can also help small spaces look brighter and larger, making any closet more inviting.

 When your space is visually pleasing, you'll have more impetus to keep it neat. Light and color go a long way! 

organized walk in closet

Life Hack Your Way to More Closet Storage

Your closet might be tiny, but with a few big-brained closet storage ideas; you can transform your walk-in into a wonderland. Begin with the practical and then employ our visual tricks to help you maintain your newly organized home. 

Sometimes the key to achieving more storage space is identifying and eliminating your junk. The eco-friendly junk removal services from College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving makes decluttering easy. Reach out today to get an estimate, and you'll be one step closer to reclaiming your closet.