Cool Alternative Christmas Tree Decoration
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Coolest Ways to Decorate Your Tree

December 5, 2022

Coolest Ways to Decorate Your Tree

Nothing fills a house with festive spirit like a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Looking for inspiration? We’ve compiled a list of trees that are sure to make your holiday stress-free, whether you're decorating a real or an artificial Christmas tree.

Orange is The New Green

orange christmas tree

Want to use the room's current décor to inspire a daring design scheme? You might want to cultivate this tree! This striking tree is bursting with color and screams maximalist. Visitors to your home are sure to notice this tree. Why not go all out since you only get to decorate a tree once a year?

Rainbow Tree

rainbow inspired Christmas tree

Your holiday season will undoubtedly be made happier and more colorful by this Christmas tree. You'll adore this if you enjoy color! Create a stunning gradient Christmas tree and decorate it with all the hues of the rainbow. It completely steals the show! If rainbow’s not your vibe, you can still incorporate a gradient into your decorations. 

Eco-Friendly Wooden Tree 

eco friendly wooden Christmas tree

For those wishing to lessen their carbon footprint, here is the tree for you! This holiday season, consider using a wooden, plastic-free Christmas tree as a more environmentally friendly option. Over time, reusing a wooden Christmas tree is the most environmentally friendly option. Bonus: if you’re crafty, you could make this on your own! 

Candyland Inspired Tree


Candyland Christmas Tree

A Candyland-themed tree is the sweetest thing ever. Decorate your Christmas tree with all your favorite treats, including cookies, sprinkles, and lollipops. Santa might take a nibble if it looks that delicious!

Snowman Christmas Tree

snowman christmas tree

This Christmas season, invite the magical charm of Frosty the Snowman into your house! Create a snowman that will last the entire month. With a few simple supplies, turn your tree into your very own snowperson. As a final touch, don't forget the boots! 

College Hunks Inspired Tree

College Hunks Christmas Tree

We may be biased, but this may be our personal favorite tree. Think it's time for you to change the color scheme this year to give your home's decor a new appearance? We sure wouldn't be mad if you used green and orange; after all, when you combine contrasting colors, it'll make your tree stand out!

The College Hunks are here to help with ideas to get you started, whether you go for a traditional look or prefer creativity. A Christmas tree's appearance not only lies in its role as a beloved holiday meeting spot but also as a statement of your household's unique taste. Once the holiday is over, you may find yourself needing help removing the old tree or making space for new items. Whatever you need help with, we got your back!