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Interior Design Trends for 2023

December 28, 2022

Interior Design Trends for 2023

Every new year brings new interior design trends. 2022 focused on curved lines, pet-friendly surfaces and barkitechture, and biophilic design. It also introduced sustainable design and mixing modern and vintage pieces, which will both gain more traction next year. Spa-like bathroom designs, an updated home front, and drought-tolerant landscapes will all make their appearances in 2023. Get the scoop on all of 2023’s interior design trends and find out how you can incorporate them into your home.

Bamboo wall in home uses sustainable materials

Sustainable Interior Design Materials

Consumers are working to lower their ecological footprint and part of that is by introducing sustainable interior design elements into their homes. You can do this by incorporating sustainable materials such as bamboo, glass, reclaimed wood, natural stones, and cork. By using recycled and/or energy-efficient materials, you’re reducing waste and working towards a more sustainable home. 

Hipstoric home design blends modern and vintage pieces

Hipstoric Homes: Mixing Modern and Vintage Pieces

The marriage of modern and vintage pieces birthed hipstoric home design. This leads to an eclectic interior design style. By thrifting vintage pieces (or utilizing inherited items), you’re not only being sustainable but you’re also following design trends. Pair those antiques with some modern flair and you’re well on your way to achieving your maximalist dreams.

Doorless shower with white and black accents in bathroom

Create a Spa-Like Bathroom Experience

Move over bathtubs, showers are IN. In 2023, it’s predicted that there will be a demand for walk-in showers. If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom this year, elevate the experience with spa-like touches and a doorless shower. Soft towels, clean design, and relaxing aromas will move into bathrooms this year.

Check out our curated Pinterest board for creating a spa-like bathroom.

Foyer and home entryway interior design idea

Redesign the Home Front

We’ve all heard of curb appeal and how important it is when selling a home, but once you enter the home is just as important. This is considered the home front, and homeowners will be looking for ways to add value to the entryways of their homes. A hallway or porch makeover can transform the way buyers feel about a home.

Dark gray rain barrel for harvesting rain

Drought-Tolerant Landscapes

You don’t have to live in the desert to introduce drought-tolerant landscape design into your home in 2023. To get started, consider harvesting rainwater to use on your plants.  Rain barrels used to be eyesores, but as more people go green, companies are improving the designs to be more aesthetically pleasing. You can also tie these into irrigation systems, so the plants are watered without you doing the work.

Looking for aesthetic rain barrels? We’ve found some here.

Other ways to develop a drought-tolerant and sustainable landscape are by composting, introducing drought-tolerant plants (such as lavender, licorice plant, aloe, and portulaca), and utilizing natural stones.

Sustainability will be a permanent part of interior design, not only in 2023 but moving forward. The majority of 2023’s predicted interior design trends focus on sustainability, whether it’s incorporating sustainable materials into the design of the home, pairing vintage pieces with more modern items, or making your landscape into a more drought-tolerant design. 2023 will also bring added value to homes by updating the home front or making spa-like bathroom experiences more accessible.

If you find yourself following any of these 2023 interior design trends this year and need some extra muscle, College Hunks can help! We can remove unwanted items from your home (which will then be donated or recycled, hello sustainability), move heavy items within your home, or even demolish an old shed in the backyard that’s in the way of your new landscape. Whatever projects you have planned, the HUNKS can lend a hand!