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This Is How You Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

August 19, 2021

This Is How You Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Our home's outdoor appearance acts as a first impression. For this reason, your home's curb appeal is incredibly important, no matter how beautiful your home interior may be. 

For some tips on how to give your home exterior a makeover, keep reading. Make your home feel like new with these tips and tricks. There are things both big and small that you can do to achieve your exterior home goals. Bonus: curb appeal can boost your home’s value!

modern roof on single story home with impressive curb appeal

Review the Roof 

Your roof counts for much of your home's visual exterior which can make it a huge component in your home's appearance and overall appeal. It also is an incredibly important part of your home's insulation system and weatherproofing, making it an important area to update if needed. Determine what condition your roof is in to make any updates if needed. 

Also, you may just feel that the type of roof that you have is outdated and in need of a more modern appearance. Updating this feature can make your home look much more modern, clean, and appealing. 

Modern exterior light fixture

Update Your Fixtures 

Sometimes with your home exterior, it's the little things that need an update. For example, your lighting features, such as those by your garage, front door, or porch, may be in need of a replacement. Adding landscape lighting in certain places can also help to brighten your home's curb appeal. 

Adding lighting can also help to improve the safety and security of your home. There are tons of lighting styles and options that can fit any home style or space. Another feature that you can update is your home address numbers. 

This may seem like a small update, but it can go a surprisingly long way. Replacing old home numbers with something more modern and stylish can add some flair without the pain of a more in-depth renovation. Choose a font and style that matches your home's exterior and make sure that it's visible from the street. 

Your mailbox may be another element you can update to give your home a more modern appearance from the street. Look at the small fixtures and details of your home exterior, such as your door handle, to see if it could use a more modern replacement. 

Man pressure washing home exterior

Deep Clean 

A great way to perk up your home exterior is to give it a deep cleaning. Use a pressure washer to wash off months of grime and dirt that have collected along your home exterior. Focus on the sidings as well as the driveway, walkways, porch, deck, and patio spaces. 

You should also clean your windows, both outside and inside, to add some sparkle. This not only gives your home exterior a shine, but it will also allow you better natural lighting indoors. If you don't have a pressure washer, rent one, or simply use a hose to get rid of any cobwebs and dirt. 

This will allow your home to look clean and put together for a sparkling curb appeal. Another great way to clean up your home's exterior is to keep the lawn well-manicured. Regularly keep up with mowing, weeding, and raking your home to keep this manageable. 

Whether you hire professionals or do it yourself, you should make sure your landscaping isn't overgrown for a clean appearance. A clean yard will also mean there's more space for you and your family to relax and entertain outdoors. 

Home with nice curb appeal and orange accent color

Add Some Color

If you feel like your home is not one that stands out on the block, it might be time to add a little color. You can give your home's exterior some personality by adding colorful and vibrant plants, flowers, and decorative planters or containers. A great way to make for a welcoming front entrance is to paint your front door. 

Having a front door that pops can be a great eye-catching feature. If you want your door to make a bold but tasteful statement, choose a color that will enhance the other colors of your home without clashing. If painting your door a bold color feels like it will be too much, simply restain your door with a wood finish to give it a fresh shine. 

orange wicker outdoor patio furniture

Get New Stylish Outdoor Furniture 

If you have a front porch or another area of your front yard that can act as an entertainment or leisure space, set it up with stylish outdoor furniture. Not only will this add some detail to your home exterior, but it will also provide you with a great area to spend time outdoors. Consider adding elements like a porch swing which allows for a nice place to relax while also making your home appear more welcoming and charming. 

If you are creating a usable outdoor space, consider adding curtains to give this area a more lux and polished look while also being able to block the sun when it's too direct. This makes your porch feel as homey as your interior, as it adds a bit of privacy and comfort. 

Boost Your Curb Appeal with These Hacks 

If you want your home's exterior to shine, make some of the updates mentioned above. Boosting your home's curb appeal can make a great first impression for visitors or buyers if you're hoping to sell. 

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