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Tips For Keeping Your Yard Clean

October 16, 2019

Tips For Keeping Your Yard Clean

Now that leaves have started hitting the ground, your once-tidy backyard will become a cluttered collection of fall foliage. Combine that with the lawn decor, kids’ toys, and anything else Mother Nature tosses over the fence, and you may have a pretty big mess on your hands.

In order to keep the yard you work so hard to maintain clean, here are a few tips for getting rid of what doesn’t belong so you can get things back in order.

Collect Leaves Weekly

All those fallen leaves are going to be a lot easier to pick up and remove if you don't let an entire month go by before you set out to do so. Each weekend, take an hour to rake and bag up all the foliage on your lawn. By doing this weekly, you won’t have as much to clean up each time, allowing you to get the task done faster.

Use a Wood Chipper

If you have trees in your yard that contribute to the mess, consider trimming a few of them and using a wood chipper to grind everything into smaller, more manageable pieces. Protip: you can use the wood as mulch for your yard.

Tidy Up the Kids’ Toys

If the kids have a tendency to leave scooters, soccer balls, or other toys lying around the yard, teach them to collect them and place them in a designated spot. Have sports equipment placed back in the shed or garage and bring smaller toys inside. (But remember, your garage needs to be relatively organized to do this.)

Skip the Dumpster Rental

Especially if your backyard is particularly messy, you may be tempted to rent a dumpster to have a go-to place to toss trash and other junk. However, dumpsters are unsanitary and hard to handle. You’re better off hiring a team to help you with some yard clean-up — they’ll haul away any items you don't want and take care of any trash disposal. 

At College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving®, we can clean up and remove any type of yard waste you may be stuck with. Whether you’ve got heavy branches, painful thorn bush clippings, or just some light brush and grass, you can count on us to restore your yard and haul your stress away!