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Ways to Bring Luxury Into the Least-Expected Corners of Your Home

November 21, 2022

Limitless Luxe Ways to Bring Luxury Into the Least-Expected Corners of Your Home

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been spending about half of their waking time at home. It makes sense that you'd want to turn your home into a space you love when you spend so much time there.

Maybe you want a luxurious space, but you don't have the luxury items to craft one. You can create a comfortable and stylish space without spending a fortune or doing a full home redesign.

We're here to talk about how you can make a luxury home bar, a dressing area, and an at-home DIY coffee shop without breaking the bank or adding more space to your home. Read on to learn how to add some luxe to your small household nooks.

laundry room

Turn a Laundry Nook Into a Luxury Laundry Room

If you're not lucky enough to have a full laundry room, and you only have a laundry closet or a laundry nook in your kitchen or bathroom, try to upgrade it into a "luxury" laundry area. 

If possible, upgrade your appliances. No better time than the present to get a fancier and more efficient washer and dryer. 
Work with the space you have and add storage where you can. If you're working with a closet, you're going to have to rely on vertical space.

We recommend floating shelves where you can place all of your laundry necessities alongside some decor items for a luxurious touch. 
Use peel-and-stick tiles for a quick and easy floor and backsplash to make the laundry nook look like its own space. 

Finish the space with a nice laundry hamper. 

bar cart

Create a Mini Luxury Home Bar

You don't have to have a huge house with a spare room to have a home bar. If you have a nook in your dining room, living room, or even patio, you can create a fantastic mini bar even if you're on a budget. 

For your alcohol storage, you need to set up vertical shelving. Floating shelves can be effective here, but because you can't use them to hold up too much weight, it may be in your best interest to use them for decor items rather than bottles. Freestanding shelves will be far more stable. Place them in front of a large mirror for a stylish effect, or put some peel-and-stick wallpaper or tile behind them just to create a division of space. 

For the bar itself, you can easily use a mobile kitchen island. It should be easy to fit into any space and it will have plenty of storage for all of the bar items, ingredients, and glassware you need. Finish it up with a few barstools and a hanging light right in the center for a stylish at-home bar you can fit into any small space in your home. 

reading nook

Upgrade a Corner Into a Reading Nook

How many odd corners do you have in your home that are currently going to waste? Turn them into mini-library reading nooks.
Get the largest bookcase that will fit in the space you're working with. You'll also need comfortable seating. A chaise lounge is a great option if you have one available, but a simple armchair with an ottoman will work nicely as well.

Use a plush rug to separate the reading nook from the rest of the room. Add a stylish vintage lamp for a more "elevated" library look and don't forget a side table for holding drinks and unfinished books. 

dressing room

Create a Fancy Dressing "Room"

Are you tired of that unused room that's too small to be a bedroom but too big to be a closet? What about that strange nook in your bedroom that a bed won't quite fit in?

What's more luxurious than having your own personal dressing room (or "room," depending on the setup of your home)? 
Hang closet rods along the walls for your clothes. Above, you can put floating shelves for decor items and accessories that you don't reach for often. 

If this is a dressing nook rather than a dressing room, consider adding a room divider or a curtain for separation of space. 
If you do makeup, consider adding a vanity and a chair. A small dresser with a large mirror is a good (and more functional) alternative. Use a warm table lamp for flattering lighting to complete the aesthetic.

A plush rug will further separate the space from the rest of the room if you're using a nook.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Nook to a Coffee Station

If you want the luxurious coffee shop experience without going to your local coffee shop, you can create a coffee station in your home and become your own barista. 

Start with a bar cart or mobile kitchen island, depending on how much space you have to work with. Ditch your old coffee maker and replace it with a French press and an electric kettle for a better brew. Place several of your favorite mugs alongside the French press for easy morning use. 

On a lower shelf or cabinet, place all of your favorite coffee add-ins. Treat yourself to various flavored syrups and seasonings to create your favorite barista drinks at home. Add some coffee-themed decor to tie the whole thing together. You'll love having your little caffeination station at home. 

home declutter

Try These Quick and Easy Luxury Interior Design Ideas

You can bring some luxe into any home with a bit of creativity. Those unused nooks and corners in your home can turn into comfortable luxury spaces with a few quick home upgrades and nice home furnishings. Whether you want a luxury home bar, a sweet dressing room, or a stylish reading nook, there's at least one idea that will work with your living space.

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