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National Garden Month & Earth Day- What should you plant?

April 14, 2022

The best greenery to plant for National Garden Month

The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970, and people have observed it every year since. It's no accident that this holiday falls right when the flowers begin blooming, and the weather gets warmer. In fact, April gets a double dose of springtime recognition as it's also National Garden Month.

Most people use Earth Day to give back to the environment. One of the best ways to celebrate the spring season and this eco-friendly holiday is to get your hands dirty.

Are you not sure what to plant on this Earth Day? We've got you covered with the best plants to add to your yard this April in our helpful guide.

pink flowers and butterflies

Plan and Plant a Pollinator Garden

Celebrate Earth Day by planting a garden that helps fuel pollinators. Before you plant your garden, you'll have to decide where to grow it. If you want your garden to attract pollinators, consider where your final location will be before choosing the flowers.

Make sure to research the different types of flowers native to where you live. This will give your garden the best chance of thriving.

For a pollinator garden, you also want to pick perennial flowers. This means your garden will come back each year.

Some plants are better for certain animals than others. For example, bees love plants like lupin, allium, and oregano. The benefits of plants like these are that they provide food and pollen, which keeps the bees healthy.

You can plant your garden right in the ground or in containers. Both options are suitable for your pollinator garden if you use rich soil to do your planting in.

If you are planting your garden in April, choose plants that have already been started. Dig holes big enough for the root balls and cover them with a layer of soil. Be sure to water well and watch your pollinators flock to your new plants!

father and son planting a tree

Plant a Tree

There is no better way to observe Earth Day than to plant a tree. Planting a tree adds beauty to your yard while helping the environment.

Each tree puts oxygen back into the air while filtering pollutants. Trees also keep water levels in soil steady.

There are many different trees to choose to plant during National Garden Month. Plant an apple or pear tree in the ground if you want to eat your own fruit one day. Birch or maple trees are easy to grow and look great in any yard.

There are a few steps to follow when you get ready to plant your new tree. First, make sure that you prepare the ground by digging a hole for your tree. The hole needs to be three times wider than the size of the ball of roots.

Once you have finished digging your hole, place your tree in it and cover the root ball with soil. Add mulch to the freshly covered base of the tree.

Make sure to get rid of any air pockets by pushing your hands down around the new soil. Finish the job by giving your tree a very healthy drink of water.

mixed vegetables

Start a Vegetable Garden

You won't taste a better vegetable than the ones you grow yourself. Growing your own food is not as hard as you may think.

You don't need a large plot of land to grow your vegetable garden. A small spot in your yard that gets direct sunlight will be more than fine. You can even use a few large containers on a deck if you don't have a large yard space.

If it's your first-time growing vegetables, a few varieties are foolproof to grow. Lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, carrots, and radishes are all hardy options.

Start your cool-season vegetables now because the ground is still chilly in April. Lettuce, peas, and broccoli will do well in cooler weather. Tomatoes and cucumbers need warmer weather before they can go into the ground.

Make sure to use high-quality and well-drained soil when planting your garden. Read the instructions on your seed packet to know how deep and far to sow your seeds. With a bit of loving care, you'll have a bounty of veggies to enjoy when summer rolls around!

milkweed plant

Plant Milkweed

Despite its name, Milkweed is an essential food to certain caterpillars. The caterpillars that turn into monarch butterflies only eat this type of food.

Because it is a weed, many people get rid of it. Planting this plant will help keep the monarch butterflies healthy and well-fed.


Plant a Low Maintenance Garden

On this Earth Day, create a garden that you can enjoy without much upkeep. Choose a shrub like spirea that you can plant and let grow.

If you are looking for a flowering plant that doesn't need much attention, plant a hydrangea in your yard. Peony flowers are another fragrant flower that grows in many different environments. These stunning flowers grow year after year with very little work.

Give ornamental grasses a try for a low-maintenance plant that gives some texture to your garden. These grasses grow quickly and can give the border of your garden an upscale feel.

garden growing

Get Your Garden Growing During This National Garden Month

With the weather warming up, April is the perfect time to get outside and help give back to the Earth. Find a plant you want to add to your yard and use National Garden Month as your excuse to get it in the ground!

If you don't have a green thumb, you can help this Earth Day by cleaning up your outdoor space. The College Hunks can help you declutter in a fast and eco-friendly manner.

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