Spring cleaning in the bedroom
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Spring Cleaning 101

April 4, 2018

Spring Cleaning 101

 Spring Cleaning


It’s springtime, which means it is time for you to start getting rid of all the clutter in and around your house! Here’s some basic advice on how to live a more minimalist life by analyzing your house room by room. However, after spring cleaning, don’t just throw everything away! Consider the many ways to dispose of all your clutter.


In your Bedroom(s)

The bedroom

Open your closet and start to think… how much of this do I really wear? Start by identifying all the items in the room that you no longer need or want. Grab all the excess clothing that you haven’t worn since lately and collect all of the shoes that you don’t wear (including the broken ones that sit in the back corner of your closet). Condense the insane number of clothes hangers that you have and donate the rest. Make sure to identify all the formal wear that may not fit or you will no longer use. Don’t forget to check your sock drawer for any socks without a match and find any undergarments that you should consider getting rid of. Springtime is the time to get rid of the socks with the holes, the shoes with worn-out soles, and all the clothes that still have their tags on them.

In the Bathroom(s)

The bathroom

Make sure to check out your bathroom during your spring cleaning! Consider disposing of old makeup, nail polish, and hair products. Get rid of empty containers in your cabinets and empty your trash. Throw out old toothbrushes, clean your hairbrush, and wipe off your surfaces. Go through your linens and contemplate getting rid of potentially old and tattered bath and hand towels or bed sheets (Hint: they’re great donations to animal shelters). Additionally, if you find yourself accumulating hotel toiletries, consider collecting them and delivering them to local homeless shelters or send them to our troops overseas!

In the Kitchen & Pantry

In the kitchen

When it comes to your kitchen and pantry, make sure to give spring cleaning a little extra care and attention. Go through your fridge and throw away any old leftovers, expired condiments, and things you won’t eat. Don’t forget to do the same in your freezer and check your frozen foods for freezer burn. Next, open your spice cabinet and check the expiration dates for the things you don’t frequently use. Then, move on to your countertops and drawers. Throw away old sponges, recycle empty alcohol bottles, and get rid of random plastic silverware, napkins, and menus from takeout. After, analyze your kitchen utensils. Check for duplicates and consider getting rid of some of the copies. Likewise, check out your collection of coffee mugs and get rid of the ones you don’t need. In the same manner, get rid of any old, stained, and broken or misshaped food containers. Lastly, collect all the plastic and paper bags you have from shopping excursions and donate them.

In your Living Spaces

General living space

When you move on to your living spaces, be sure to get rid of everything that you no longer need! Dispose of old and broken electronics, instructions manuals for things you don’t have any more, and boxes from things you bought and do not intend to return (except your flatscreen TV box – you’ll want that if you ever plan to move). Shred old bills and statements and throw away expired coupons, old receipts, and calendars. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to get rid of old greeting cards, old toys, and excess craft or office supplies. Go through all your things and get rid of extra vases and games with missing pieces, or anything else you may find. This includes things like magnets you don’t like, old phone books, appliances you don’t use, or that box of your ex’s things. Pack up any old décor that no longer matches, old Halloween costumes, or books and magazines that you will not read again. Also, spring cleaning is the time to dispose of all the brochures, maps, and visitor guides that are still floating around your house from that trip you took five years ago. If an item doesn’t have a designated place, and you can’t make one for it, it is time to consider cleaning it out of your house!


  1. Recycle – Utilize your city’s recycling system or use a junk removal company that recycles.
  2. Sell (Online) – Utilize the many outlets of e-commerce available to the typical user or have a yard sale.
  3. Repurpose – Check out your Pinterest boards and the latest DIY projects for inspiration to refashion the old into the new.
  4. Donate – Find local places to donate clothes or items, such as homeless shelters or local churches, in order to benefit your community.
  5. Use – During your spring cleaning, you might find something that you lost. So, go back to using this item!
  6. Re-Gift – Everyone has that one gift that doesn’t necessarily “fit” with their interior design. Don’t hold onto it any longer. Take this gift and give it to someone else as a present!