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How To Move With Plants

April 6, 2018

How To Move With Plants


House plants

Moving can be stressful, but it does not have to be! When it comes down to it, people stress over the simple things like what to bring…

You do not always have to decide whether or not to take things with you, rather the best way to move them to your new location. With items like plants, you do not have to leave them behind! Some people have plants just for decoration, others received them as a gift, but sometimes it is not just a plant. We realize how important a plant can be to you. Follow these steps in order to transfer your plants from one location to the next in the safest manner possible.

If you plan on moving soon, here are some key tips to take into consideration if you plan on taking your plants with you:

Lifting a plant from its soil

1. Prepare the plant(s) appropriately.

  • Make sure you re-pot your plants into plastic, non-breakable containers several weeks before moving! This protects the plant from too much change at one time.
  • Use sterilized potting soil when you re-pot.
  • Water your plant 2-3 days before moving. Be careful not to overwater! The soil should be moist, not wet.

Properly packing plants

2. Pack the plant(s) properly.

  • Find the proper box for the container your plant is in.
  • Make sure the base of the box is well-taped and that the box is sturdy.
  • Wrap the container of the pot in plastic and tie around the base of the plant in order to keep the soil in the pot during the moving process.
  • Place the plant in the box and add oxygen holes so the plant can breathe.
  • Fill extra space in the box loosely with paper to keep the plant upright and to protect its branches.
  • Clearly label the box with “This Side Up”, “Fragile”, and “Contains Living Plant” for mover instructions.
  • Additionally, before the move, pack original plant pots appropriately, research laws regarding plant transportation if you are crossing state lines, and find a reliable moving company who is able to transport your plants according to your needs.

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3. Unpack the plant(s) as soon as possible.

  • Get the plant(s) out of the boxes as soon as you get to your new location.
  • Make sure the plant(s) get enough water, oxygen, and sunlight.

Once all is said and done, plants can be potted once more

4. Allow the plant(s) to re-acclimate before re-potting.

  • Let the plant get accustomed to the new climate/location before you re-pot it into the original container.
  • Research special accommodations for re-acclimating your plant before taking any action

If you follow these simple steps, it allows you to get your beloved plants – decoration, or a memory – to your new location so you do not have to leave it behind!

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