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Unique Ways To Upcycle Old Items

September 13, 2016

Unique Ways To Upcycle Old Items

Do you have items laying around your home that are non-recyclable? Or maybe you have something that no longer works but you just can’t give it up? Consider transforming that product! We’ve found some unique ways to upcycle old items.

Hood of an old jeep converted into a desk

Let’s say you have a rusty car sitting in your garage. You don’t want to get rid of it because it holds sentimental value to you, but it is just taking up space. You want to remember it, but you also would like to put your new car in the garage. Consider taking off the front end of the car, and transforming it into a unique desk! Then, you can recycle the rest of the car. It’s a great compromise because you get to keep a piece of it, but you’re also contributing to the environment.

Or maybe you want to keep the entire car and turn it into a feature piece in your backyard. Flip the car over, and it can become a ping pong table!

An old car converted into a ping pong table

Beat the heat in this dumpster pool! Just remember to sanitize it before starting the project. Take an old dumpster bin, clean it out, tile the inside, then add water! If you really want to get fancy, you can install a pool pump. If you don’t install the pump, find a way to drain the water when it needs to be cleaned. Installing a small plug at the bottom of the bin could be one option.

An old dumpster converted into a pool

Keys come from many aspects of your life. They can come from old houses, old jobs, and old cars. Don’t leave them in a junk drawer to just take up space, transform them! You can upcycle your old keys, and turn them into beautiful pieces of art.

These old keys were crafted into a football sculpture! This would be a nice statement piece in a man cave.

Keys converted into a football-shaped decoration

Keys can also be used to create decorative wine bottles and glasses! Gift this to a wine fanatic and watch them love you (and the gift) forever.

Keys converted into a wine-and-glass sculpture

Do you have old skateboards lying around the house that the kids (or you) don’t use anymore? Upcycle them into a wine rack! If you don’t drink wine, you can turn it into a coat rack instead! If you like the idea, but don’t like the design on the old skateboard, repaint it. This will allow the piece to match your home perfectly.

An old skateboard converted into a wine rack

Bicycle wheels can be transformed into custom statement pieces! You can use four wheels and turn them into a unique side table. If you want it for only an accent piece, adjoin the wheels together and you’re done. If you want it to be functional, place a round piece of glass on top of the wheel spokes.

Bicycle wheels converted into a table

Another way to upcycle bicycle wheels is by creating a lamp! Just cut the wheel in half, add the lighting, and you’re done! If you want to utilize another aspect of the bike, use the chainring as a base.

A bicycle wheel modified into a lamp

If you don’t have any of these items to upcycle, or you still want to get rid of your old items, we can help. We can haul away your unwanted items, and recycle or donate them to give them a second life.