The many unusual things you can recycle
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Unusual Things That You Can Recycle

August 29, 2016

Unusual Things That You Can Recycle

Image of the many unusual things to recycle

Recycling reduces the amount of trash that ends up in landfills and incinerators. It saves energy, prevents pollution, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and conserves natural resources. We are recycling more items every day, and with evolving technology, more items can be recycled!

One of the things that VHS Tapes can get recycled into is product packaging. This occurs after the tapes are taken apart and shredded.

Crayons can easily break or become too small to use, but they can be recycled! Old crayons are melted down and then transformed into new crayons.

Batteries can be recycled into rebar, or broken down and sold to a steel mill. You can also purchase reusable or rechargeable batteries which increases the environmental benefit!

Vehicles such as cars, boats, jet skis, motorcycles, and trailers contain metals and other resources that can be recycled. So even if the vehicle doesn’t run, it can still be useful.

The lenses in old glasses can be reground and turned into new lenses. Glasses can also be donated to those in need.

Greeting cards can be recycled and turned into new cards. St. Jude’s Ranch runs a program that recycles old and new cards which supports “programs and services for abused, neglected and homeless children, young adults and families.”

Credit cards, ID cards, and hotel room keys are typically made out of PVC. These old cards can be melted down into sheets of PVC, and then turned into more cards.

Old or broken keys can be recycled into scrap metal.

Wine corks can be recycled into floor tiles, crafts, soil conditioner, insulation, sports equipment and automotive parts. Natural corks are also biodegradable.

Tennis balls can be turned new by adding the right amount of pressure to them. If it’s torn up, the scraps can be turned into new balls.

Running shoes can be turned into athletic courts and playground flooring.

CD’s can be melted down and turned into automotive and building materials. They can also be used in making pavement!

So instead of throwing out your old items, give them a second life! Need help recycling? Contact College HUNKS.