How Do I Prepare My Kids For Moving?

Preparing kids for moving—even a local move—is a common experience that many families you know can probably relate to. Children often look to their parents for comfort and understanding during this transition in their lives. They will follow your lead, so set the tone for a positive experience. At College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving®, we have learned that kids thrive when they understand the moving process and that communication is vital. Create excitement for the kids by talking about all the great new things they are going to experience, decorating their new room, meeting new friends, etc.

How to prepare kids for moving

Just like being organized in the weeks and months leading up to moving day is key for the adults, it can also be helpful for kids to have age-appropriate visual checklists and reminders about the move. Parents should consider creating a calendar to keep track of moving goals and milestones, and posting this in a common area for the whole family to see. Many families have found that including kids in the donation and packing steps has helped them feel part of the process. This can be an opportunity for kids to discuss the move and how they’re feeling. Parents can share their own feelings about the move with their kids, too.

On moving day, families with younger children, in particular, have found it helpful to have friends and family watch them so the adults can focus on moving day without having to worry about them or their safety. If this is not an option, you could consider outdoor games, art projects, or movie time in a designated safe space.

College HUNKS puts value in the moving experience for families, and we strive to be a helpful presence throughout your move. Check out our other moving tips and hacks.

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