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Moving Tips And Hacks

December 22, 2020

17 Moving Hacks That Will Make Your Next Move Simpler

In life, moving is one of those things virtually everyone must face. If you are like most people, relocating to a perfect new place can be quite exciting, especially if you go about it the right way.

Unfortunately, a few obstacles could stand in your way, making moving a stressful time. However, the good news for you—who is moving or planning to move—is that moving does not have to be a frustrating experience.

We've compiled the following 17 moving tips and tricks to help you overcome all the mental and emotional strain that surrounds moving for most people. Read on.

Smart Moving Hacks for A Simpler Move

There is no shortage of things that could go wrong on moving day, but with the following tips for moving, yours is going to be a smooth move:

1. Use Appropriate Boxes for Moving — When you are moving, the last thing you want is to arrive in your new place with some of your valuable possessions damaged. Use appropriate boxes for moving, such as an item’s original packaging, flat panel television boxes, or even special-purpose moving boxes that give the best protection to delicate items during the move.

2. Pack Before Your Big Day — Whether you do it yourself or bring in a mover to do it for you, make it your goal to be fully packed before moving day to avoid the unnecessary hassle and stress that comes with last-minute packing.

3. Remember to Pack A Cooler and Some Essentials — Moving day is usually the hardest and most tiring part of a move. To keep your strength up throughout the busy moving day, stocking some easy-to-grab items in your cooler is essential. Be sure to pack other everyday essentials you will need in an overnight bag the night before your move.

4. Have A Plan for Little Kids and Pets — To keep the little ones safe, consider sending them over to friends and family or even recruiting a babysitter and give yourself one less thing to worry about on moving day. When this is not an option, outdoor games, art projects and movie “night” can be great ways to occupy children during your move in a designated safe area. Make alternate plans for your pet by finding a friendly place to keep them for a few hours.

Getting Prepared

To avoid unpleasant surprises on your moving day and make your move easier, start on the right foot with these planning and organization ideas:

1. Get Insured — As you are planning a move, consider taking out a policy. You will be at ease during moving if your homeowner's policy covers your valuable items in case of loss or damage. If you have a policy but it does not cover your move, consider buying additional coverage. Expect professional movers to be fully insured and request documentation of insurance before hiring.

2. Stock Up Packing Supplies — You do not want to be making runs to stores for moving and packing supplies when you are packing. Stock up all the necessary packing supplies, including good-quality tape and permanent markers ahead of time.

3. Have A Budget — Moving could end up leaving a huge dent in your pocket if you fail to craft a reasonable spending plan when planning out your move. Determine your needs for truck rentals, packing, furniture breakdown, labor and junk removal. If you decide to hire professional movers, research estimates and ensure you understand pricing and included services. Keep track of your moving expenditures from the onset and plan your spending wisely.

4. Find a mover fast — Once you finalize your moving dates, you will need to research and hire a professional mover fast. Avoid moving day inconveniences such as missing out on a truck and price escalations that come with peak moving seasons by booking moving services early on.

5. Communicate Your Furniture Layout in Advance — Once you know when you're moving, begin to measure your furniture and examine its layout. Be prepared to discuss with a mover how your large furniture will be disassembled and moved to eliminate moving day hitches.

Packing Tips for Moving

Packing up can be a tough task when you are moving. Here are some packing tips for moving to help you simplify things:

1. Inventory Your Home — Besides helping you track boxes that might get lost during moving, a detailed inventory of your possessions helps you to decide what items to take with you and those you leave behind when you are moving.

2. Pack Early — To avoid the worry that comes when one is doing the packing closer to the actual move date, create a schedule and begin packing your things weeks or months in advance. Stay ahead of the game by decluttering and packing before the stressful last weeks.

3. Label Your Boxes — Labeling your boxes' sides means that you still get to see what is contained in each box even if boxes wind up stacked on top of each other.

4. Don't Over Pack Your Moving Boxes —It is better to carry four smaller boxes than a heavy box that can easily break under its own weight. Distribute heavier items into several smaller boxes to ensure boxes won't be too hard to lift and use small boxes for the heavy stuff.

5. Give Rooms Different Color-Codes — Improve your move quality and length by using a color-coding system for your moving boxes. By assigning each color a different room, you will be able to know the room a box's contents belong in immediately, allowing you to find items easier and move quicker.


1. Do Away with Empty Boxes — Break down empty boxes immediately to serve as a marker of progress while you are unpacking in your new home.

2. Your Kitchen First — Start with your kitchen because it is the most time-intensive room to unpack. Once you have accomplished this, you’ll be able to focus on the easier-to-unpack rooms.

3. Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew — You are likely to become overwhelmed with stress if you try to unpack every single box right away. Focus on boxes containing your most-used items. When it comes to unpacking, tackle a single task at a time, and eventually, it will all be done.


If you try out these moving hacks and get ready early enough, you'll be good to go. By working with full service local movers, you get to keep your moving anxiety at bay as a professional takes the huge chunk of work off of your plate, allowing you to enjoy your relocation.

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