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Junk Removal Service in Stamford/Westchester County

Locally operated to serve Stamford and Westchester Counties

Stamford/Westchester County is an area that rests at the confluence of some of the most iconic chunks of the American East Coast.  From the beginnings of the Revolutionary War to the arrival of immigrants from all over the world, bodegas, skyscrapers, estates, industry, and even the opulence and disparity of the Gilded Age are all right here. It's an area that has always been on the move, and today that is one of the things that has been constant.  People moving in and out.  Which is why you might be looking for a quality junk removal service if you are moving into Stamford/Westchester, or heading out for uncharted territory of your own!


Junk Removal Services

When you are undertaking a move, either into an area or leaving it, you are going to come across a lot of junk.  Downsizing your home, a move to college, or even buying a property in a new neighborhood is going to bring with it a lot of extra stuff you might not know what to do with. The process can be overwhelming. 

Take for instance downsizing a home. If you are retiring or helping a loved one move to a more manageable home, you'll discover that everything that has been in its place for decades is going to have to be sacrificed for the items that cannot be left behind.  A lot of this stuff might have only sentimental purposes, and even the reasons for that might  be lost over time. That isn't to say that this junk isn't going to be useful to someone else.  

Junk Removal Pricing

Pricing is determined by a few key factors: 

The distance we have to travel to get to your area

The accessibility to your junk

How much room your junk will take up in our hauling trucks. 

That's it! Everything else from labor to complimentary cleanup is included. There is no obligation until we can agree to a quote, so there is no surprise billing.

What We Do with Your Junk

College HUNKS Hauling Junk and Moving partners with local non-profits such as Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity to make sure that the vast majority of the junk we haul doesn't wind up in a landfill. Gently used items in good working condition can expect to find further use and the rest is properly recycled or disposed of. 




We don't just take your waste and dump it in landfills. We donate good-quality items to local charities, such as Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity. Donating and reusing items also means less waste and damage to the environment.



Not everything is in a condition that makes it suitable for donation, but not everything else needs to go to the landfill. Many items have components that can be recycled. At College HUNKS we donate or recycle nearly 70 percent of what we take.



Unfortunately, not all junk can be reused or recycled. We get rid of these items in government-approved facilities while adhering to safety guidelines.

Service areas

We service the Stamford and Westchester areas from Manhattan and Yonkers, all the way to Spring Valley, Nanuet, and even as far east as Bridgeport. Whether it is the asphalt jungle or sleepy suburbs, we are here to help!

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Free Junk Removal Estimates

Free Junk Removal Estimates

Making the right choice comes from making an informed decision. Reach us to get free quotes on your junk removal needs without any obligations.

Upfront Affordable Prices

Upfront Affordable Prices

You do not have to break a bank to dispose of your unwanted trash properly. Our price is upfront and includes all services, including gas, labor, and waste disposal. We do not have any hidden charges.

Fast Service Delivery

Fast Service Delivery

We offer the fastest junk removal services in the Tampa area. Whether you need same-day service or next-day service, we are just a phone call away.

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