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Meet Our St Louis Team

Our dedicated College HUNKS team is highly trained and ready to serve you. Each HUNK is carefully selected and chosen to live up to the HUNKS name of being Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable and Service driven. We always strive to provide you with a completely stress-free experience! Here are some of the members on our team who you might interact with on the day of your service:

  • Armon Provo


    Armon Provo is one of the franchise partners for the St. Louis location. Armon has worked for the H.U.N.K.S. for a few years as a sales and marketing consultant/manager. He has also held positions in healthcare advertisement, high school basketball coaching and just recently came back after a few years working as a financial advisor. Armon wears many hats in our business and you might even see him on your job helping move/haul your items. In his free time he likes to play basketball, hang out with his dogs and spend time with his wife Mikaela. In his free time he coaches the St. Louis Grizzlies, a youth basketball team sponsored by College Hunks St. Louis. Armon loves the Building Leaders core value at College Hunks because he relishes the opportunity to help different people achieve their goals and set them up for success in their future endeavors!

  • Jessica Schneider

    Junk & Donation Coordinator

    Jessica is our St. Louis Junk & Donation Coordinator. She works to keep as much of the junk we pickup out of the landfill by finding things a second home! Jessica works to always find new local charities and families in need of donations, that can benefit from someone else's junk! You may recognize Jess from her appearance on Undercover Boss! If not, be sure to check out her episode on season 11, episode 1! In her free time Jess enjoys spending time with her family and her 3 children!

  • Jordan Frackelton

    Move Consultant & Operations Manager

    Jordan Frackelton is one of the operations managers at College Hunks St. Louis. He loves sports being outdoors and hanging out with his family. Jordan has 4 kids that keep him busy outside of work with sports and other activities. Jordan is a former military veteran and brings that discipline and experience into his current roles coaching youth sports and with College Hunks. Jordan's favorite core value is Listen, Fulfill and Delight because he likes hearing about how much clients like our service. He also likes making connections networking to support our business and the businesses of our other partners.

  • Henry Dejesus

    Truck Captain

    Henry recently graduated from Ritenour High school. He started at CHHJ as a Wingman and has since worked his way up to taking control of his own crew as a Captain. He spends a lot of time in the gym so that he is able to lift even the heaviest of items. Henry loves spreading the College Hunks brand and is constantly looking for new customers to please!

  • Mikaela Provo


    Mikaela Provo has been a foundational cornerstone for the St. Louis franchise. She started as a College Fox packing boxes with the company in 2013. She worked her way through being a mover, to assistant manager then moved into being operations manager. Now she is a franchise partner with the company and can attest that the value of hard work can pay dividends eventually. She is a true “Started from the Bottom” success story and continues to work just as hard as she did on day 1. Her favorite core value is ‘Creating a Fun, Enthusiastic, Team Environment’ because she believes employees that enjoy coming to work and have fun with what they’re doing make the job so much better and everyone becomes more enjoyable to be around!

  • Erik Lahm

    Asst. Operations Manager

    Erik recently graduated from Saint Leo University in Florida. He played basketball for the Lions and is studying Criminal Justice. Erik started at College Hunks St. Louis assisting in the office and has worked his way up to where he is now at Asst. Operations Manager. His favorite core value is Building Leaders because it gives him the opportunity to pass on his knowledge to future hunks and to foster a culture of development. In his free time, Erik enjoys fishing, jet-skiing, and spending time outdoors!

  • Adam Klump

    Operations & Traning Manager

    Adam is a great College Hunks Building Leaders story! He started working for College Hunks the summer of 2019 as a wingman and worked every summer and school break throughout his college years, moving his way up to captain and team lead! Once he graduated from Mizzou, Adam became an operations & training manager. He enjoys creating future leaders by leading trainings with current and new hunks! In his free time, Adam enjoys golfing, going to STL Cardinal games, and traveling!

  • Justin Delfert

    Truck Captain

    Justin is currently a student at Lindenwood University Part time, while he works part time as a team leader for College Hunks St. Louis! He is working towards his dream job of becoming a mechanical engineer! When Justin is not hard at work he likes to workout and play video games. He also enjoys traveling when he has the opportunity! Justin's favorite core value is 'Create a Fun Enthusiastic Team Environment' with the hopes that his crew members and his customers have a positive, stress-free experience with him on each and every move and junk removal job!

  • Malinda Lahm headshot.


    Office Assistant

  • Terrell Duffy

    Truck Captain

    Terrell grew up in Texas and recently relocated to the St. Louis area! He is working for College Hunks to build up his savings and gain experience, while working towards his goal of becoming a real estate investor! In his free time Terrell like to play video games, workout, and play with / train his dog! His favorite core value is 'Fun, Safe, Winning Team' which he aims to create with his crew each day!

  • Cassius Havis

    Truck Captain

    Cassius has quickly worked his way up from wingman to captain by truly living the core values of College Hunks. He likes to work fast and efficient to get jobs done as best he can. Cassius likes to run and go to the gym along with hanging out with friends and watching sports. He aspires to go into sports marketing and also become a track coach. His favorite core value is Building Leaders because he feels that he was valued as a wingman and loved the lessons he learned as he developed into his own as a captain.

  • College Hunk employee.


    Truck Captain

  • Rodney Shaw

    Truck Captain

    Rodney's passion outside of College Hunks is Boxing! He spends most of his free time boxing & his goal in life is to open his own boxing gym! Rodney's favorite core value is Building Leaders. He lives this core value day in and day out as he leads by example, training new and existing Hunks to become better at their jobs!

  • Donald Bailey

    Truck Captain

    Donald started at College Hunks STL as a wingman and worked his way up to being a Truck Captain and Team Lead! Donald wants to use the skills that he is learning as a HUNK, to become a plumber in the future! His favorite core values are "Building Leaders" and "Creating a fun, safe, winning team". When Donald isn't working hard as a HUNK, he enjoys spending time with his kids, playing soccer and basketball, hanging out with friends, & learning to cook new things from TikTok!

  • College Hunk employee.


    Office Assistant

  • College Hunk employee.



  • College Hunk employee.


    Office Admin

  • Shawn McDonald

    Truck Captain

    Shawn worked his way from Wingman to Captain within a couple of months! His favorite core value is Building Leaders, and Shawn is a great example of that in action! He prides himself on the efficiency of his work and his goal is to always make people happy with whatever work he is doing! In his free time, Shawn like to workout and play BlackJack! A little fun fact is that Shawn is the youngest of four siblings!

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