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Your company is unique; and so is your move. It's not just chairs, file cabinets, and desks anymore. Today, it's specialized equipment, servers, and technology solutions that must be up and running in no time. College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving understands this. As a reputable full-service business moving company, we have the appropriate resources, capabilities, and skills to offer customized moving solutions to every company's unique needs.

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Vast Experience With Business Moving

Whether you intend to reconfigure your current space, move offices, or transition to a hybrid setup, balancing the changes with your active business' ongoing needs is stressful, costly, and complicated. Fortunately, College HUNKS promises to deliver exceptional staff experiences with minimal operations destruction during commercial moving.

We combine our vast experience with a comprehensive menu of traditional business moving services and a broad suite of specialized moving and storage services to deliver the following:

  • Limited downtime – Our team members are experienced, have the right tools, and are always ready to ensure you move in as little time as possible.
  • Moving sensitive equipment – Sensitive office equipment may require special transportation to prevent damage. We have the right resources to ensure your equipment's safety.  
  • Large volumes of office furniture – Moving lots of furniture effectively and quickly requires specialized knowledge. Our team is up to the task of ensuring all your items reach their destination in their present condition, no matter the volume.
  • Assembly and disassembly of office supplies – Unless you're a furniture store, you may not be in a position to disassemble and assemble your office furniture and supplies correctly. But our experts are experienced in this.
  • Simplified movement – You may have all the necessary resources to move your office to a new space. Still, our specialized movers can quickly get the work done, relieving you from the difficulties.
  • Cost savings – When you work with us, you'll bundle solutions and rely on only one commercial mover. This helps you cut costs.

Our client catalog ranges from small businesses to large companies. All of them benefit from our industry-specific knowledge and experience. Moreover, we combine our global reach with a local presence to support them wherever they need us.

How Much Do We Charge?

Our prices are among the most fantastic perks for clients. We carry out free movement evaluations and estimates, and our pricing covers supplies movement and includes fuel and labor. Moreover, our charges can vary depending on the volume of your items and the distance you wish to move. Generally, we have some of the most pocket-friendly rates in the market

Our Additional Services

Besides simply moving your office from one location to the other, you can also count on us for several other relevant operations if you can complete part of the movement yourself. Here are our extra moving services:

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Are you looking for one of the top business moving companies with the best experience and attractive pricing? Worry not. Our local commercial moving services got you covered. Our experts are ready to speak with you, so don't delay reaching to claim your free evaluation and estimate.

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