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The College HUNKS Model - A Unique Approach to Franchising

January 6, 2020

The College HUNKS Model - A Unique Approach to Franchising

What keeps making College HUNKS a top franchise to own? A unique approach to franchising with many tools to help franchisees succeed, in business and in life.

What co-owners Nick Friedman and Omar Soliman realized when they started hauling junk for a summer job was that the hauling junk and moving business needed an overhaul. Aside from the handful of giant moving companies, the two childhood friends discovered that the junk hauling and moving industry is made up predominantly of small, independent operators in beat up trucks just looking to make a living. Friedman and Soliman put together a business plan that won first place and $10,000 in a University of Miami competition and that business plan is the reason for the whopping success of College HUNKS. As one of the fastest growing businesses, the College HUNKS franchise system has more than doubled in size since 2010, experiencing 500% system wide growth since 2013. Our approach? We care about your success, your growth and most of all, our customers.

Honest. Uniformed. Nice. Knowledgeable. Service.

We built our business to stand out. With customer service at the core of the College HUNKS business model, we make sure that we:

  • Do what we say we will
  • Raise the standard of the industry
  • Do our best to make your move stress-free
  • Do what it takes to satisfy our customers

Entrepreneurial culture

It all starts with our unique marketing approach – Our system not only supports our franchisees as we work with you to grow your business and establish your team, but College HUNKS’ unique approach also promotes teaching your employees leadership skills, as well. Armed with these skills, your crew members will be able to move up into management, work with our corporate office or capitalize on these techniques and skills to eventually become an owner of their own College HUNKS franchise location. We strive to inspire sustainable, responsible businesses that make a positive impact in the world. Our franchisee training extends way beyond the initial training to help on the sales side. College HUNKS provides videos, manuals and technology to help franchisees succeed in all aspects of the business. Another unique aspect of College HUNKS’ franchise approach revolves around a national call center that helps fill your appointment slots and also fields calls for estimates, so you can focus on your business.

Not just another company with a catchy name

While our catchy name is a cornerstone in our marketing initiatives because “it’s sticky,” as one franchisee remarked, when potential customers see our well-maintained, brightly colored trucks and uniformed crews, it makes them smile and it sticks with them. We believe in smiles all around, especially from our customers. Our name indicates that we’re a fun-loving company and customers respond to that. Underneath the visual marketing, living our core values makes College HUNKS unique in the hauling junk and moving industry. We’re:

  • Always branding — Presenting College HUNKS in a professional light, because everyone is our customer
  • Building leaders — Mentoring your team members towards responsible and accountable actions to advance in business and in life.
  • Listening, fulfilling and delighting —Paying attention to your customers’ needs, showing extra courtesy, and adding a little spark to each customer’s day
  • Creating a fun enthusiastic team environment — Fostering a positive environment where morale runs high and people flourish.

Additionally, College HUNKS’ low $40,000 franchise fee for one concept and $50,000 for both hauling junk and moving operations is doable for anyone seriously looking to buy a franchise. Also, community action is built into the College HUNKS’ culture, from eco-friendly junk removal, to partnering with local non-profits and Feeding Children Everywhere.

Like to learn more? For more in-depth exploration into the College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving franchise opportunity, please download our free franchise report. Also, visit our research pages online.