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College Hunks Community Outreach

April 29, 2020

College Hunks Community Outreach

Community Outreach Making a Difference in the World

2-hunks-smiling-with-community-partnerAt College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving, we have increased our community service and outreach program to meet the immediate needs of those who need help during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are committed to the communities we serve. As a purpose-driven, socially conscious company, College HUNKS and our 130 franchise partners throughout the nation are helping in a variety of ways, including providing meals to those in need, moving medical equipment, instituting a no-contact junk pickup program, storing donations to be given to non-profits that are temporarily closed once they reopen, and helping students, families, and domestic violence victims who urgently need to move during the COVID-19 shutdown.

As a brand, we work on fulfilling our mission and values on a daily basis. One of our core values is to “Build Leaders.” A leader is someone who steps up to the plate when action is needed and by working to help our communities during these challenging times, we are setting the bar for what is expected from every team member. Another core value is to “Listen, Fulfill & Delight” – we are listening to our communities and what they need, we are working hard to help in any way possible and we do it all with a smile.

No-Cost Moves for Domestic Violence Victims2-hunks-bottled-water

Another one of the company’s COVID-19 community service programs was initiated with the realization that domestic violence rates skyrocketed during the pandemic, and shelters remain open to help. To support their efforts, College HUNKS has committed to providing essential, no-cost moves to victims of abusive living situations through certified shelters.

The program kicks in once someone experiencing domestic violence who wants to request the no-cost move contacts the police and/or the local domestic violence prevention shelter. A certified domestic violence shelter will approve the request for the move to ensure that the victim is supported throughout the entire transition. The shelter also coordinates with local law enforcement, as needed, for the safety of the victim and the assisting College HUNKS team. Once qualifications for the free move are confirmed, the approving shelter reaches out to College HUNKS to request the move assistance. Friedman is personally monitoring incoming emails to follow up with local franchise owners and help coordinate logistics.

“For many of us, COVID-19’s stay-at-home orders have presented inconveniences. But for those facing violence in their homes, staying home is unthinkable,” said Friedman. “We want to help. College HUNKS is here to extend a helping hand to those affected by domestic abuse through use of our trucks and labor at no cost. I remembered reading about other moving companies doing things like this in the past, and that inspired us to leverage our 130 franchises and thousands of trucks and HUNKS around the country to help. It’s our hope that once the health crisis passes, those who survived the domestic crisis will have an opportunity to heal in a safe, new space.”

Meal Donations and Deliveries

College HUNKS is continuing meal donations to families in need with our partner, Feeding Children Everywhere, and a group of Pacific Northwest 2-hunks-carrying-water-buildingfranchisees have even started a vital food delivery program serving the hard-hit Seattle area. In this effort, College HUNKS has partnered with World Vision to disperse meals and supplies to the significantly impacted community, free of charge.

Five area franchise partners are participating in the service launched by Renton, WA College HUNKS owner Susan Davis, who says, “We are humbled and grateful that we are able to make a difference in our community at this time. World Vision is an impactful organization and we are pleased to be able to donate our manpower and trucks to them during this time of need.”

Suzan Ruiz of Bremerton, Brandon Christian of Tacoma, Karin Olason of Seattle, and Price Paramore of Spokane are all franchise owners in the Pacific Northwest who jumped at the opportunity to give back and team up to make an even greater impact.

“This is a critical time for mitigating childhood hunger when children are stuck at home without access to nutritional meals at school, so keeping our trucks rolling to help our clients who need us while also donating two meals to Feeding Children Everywhere for each job will hopefully help mitigate some of the long term negative impact on our communities,” said Omar Soliman, co-founder and CEO of College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving.

Moving Essential Medical Equipment, No-Contact Pickups, and Donation Storage

3-masked-hunks-hospitalCollege HUNKS trucks also are being used to move COVID-19 testing supplies and other medical equipment, relocating beds and goods from one hospital to another, delivering water to healthcare workers, and any other task the local communities need assistance with. These are unprecedented times but they allow the HUNKS to give back and foster relationships with their fellow citizens.

HUNKS, as the leading franchiser in the junk removal and moving business, was recently recognized by the Tampa Bay Times for filling a gap in services left by non-profits who are temporarily closed. College HUNKS is considered an essential business because it is a waste hauling and management company so our franchise partners have continued to pick up customers’ trash, recycling, or donations without having any physical contact with them.

“We’ve definitely seen a shift in the junk removal side of our business,” Nick Friedman, co-founder and president of College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving, told the newspaper. “People are stuck in their homes and looking around and seeing stuff that they haven’t really noticed before. We offer no-contact services and we’re wearing masks and gloves, sanitizing and wearing shoe covers.”

College HUNKS typically donates about 70% of what is picked up from customers so that it can be recycled. Many of our 130 locations throughout the nation are storing these items in warehouses until the pandemic’s social distancing rules are relaxed.


Safe, Dependable Junk Hauling and Moving Services Available

In addition to Express No-Contact Junk Pickup, College HUNKS is continuing to provide full moving services so no one will be stranded during this we-are-open-bannerchallenging time. We are also providing a wide range of other essential services. As a national transportation, logistics, and waste hauling company, our trucks and teams are assisting with transportation of needed supplies, warehousing and storage, bulk trash and dumpster alternatives, waste & refuse disposal, and delivery of goods to businesses and homes.

College HUNKS is taking all safety precautions to ensure the health of our team members and clients, following the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) measures, we have instituted employee temperature checks, and are disinfecting trucks after each job. “We value the safety of each of our clients and team members,” said Soliman. “Beyond monitoring the situation and consulting with local public health officials, we have protocols in place, which mandate that every franchise across the country practices new safety measures such as eliminating our daily team huddles.”