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Why I Partnered with College HUNKS for Success - What do our Franchise Partners Have to Say? Great Things!

April 16, 2020

Why I Partnered with College HUNKS for Success - What do our Franchise Partners Have to Say? Great Things!

When it comes to purchasing a franchise, it helps to do your homework, research the brands you’re interested in, crunch some numbers and find out all you can about the brands to make an informed decision. If your brother-in-law or your neighbor just happens to be a franchise owner, you might be lucky enough to get the inside scoop on how they feel about owning their brand. While this is one way some people choose to become College HUNKS franchise partners – someone they know already owns one – most potential franchisees aren’t hooked into such a direct line of insight. That’s why, this month at College HUNKS, we’re doing the next best thing . . . we’re going to the source. We’ve invited our franchise partners to speak for themselves and tell you all about why they partnered with College HUNKS for success.

Here’s what some College HUNKS franchise owners had to say about their partnership experience.


Jason Sedlak, of Eden Prairie, MN College HUNKS locations, says his experience in the military has influenced his success with College HUNKS. “The military teaches you that discipline and that forethought you need. It teaches you to plan, it teaches you to think ahead and it also teaches you, especially as a leader, it’s not about you, it’s about the people that you’re serving. It’s very much, from my perspective, a servant leadership mentality. Your purpose as a leader is to give the people you’re fortunate enough to lead the resources and training and things that they need to be successful. I think that’s what we’re trying to do at College HUNKS on a daily basis.” He went on to explain that in the Army he had the opportunity to learn from great leaders as well as the opportunity to practice being a leader and now at College HUNKS, he can continue doing that with his franchise.


Tom Hughes, of Lincoln and Omaha, NE franchise locations, says the most exciting thing about owning his College HUNKS location has been watching the guys on his team grow and develop and build a culture. When asked about why he chose to buy a College HUNKS franchise, he explained, “The culture, the feel that I got when I was at Brand Central. Their core values connected with me. The environment of Brand Central – if there’s this much enthusiasm and excitement about moving and junk hauling here, then obviously this is a good organization and something I want to be a part of.” Hughes went on to explain that when he encounters people that aren’t familiar with the brand and he explains the core values and the philanthropic side of it with the connection to Feeding Children Everywhere, people connect very well to the brand as a whole. He also said that if he had to do it all over again, he would absolutely buy a College HUNKS franchise again, “I like our mission. I like providing excellent customer service in a space where people don’t expect it. I like our team. I enjoy building a team and working with our crew members; it gives me energy every single day.” When discussing the relationship with corporate, Hughes said that they provide as much support as you need and that they are great with taking feedback and taking action based on it to make improvements. From a tech perspective, he feels that they have invested a lot in the brand and in his experience, this makes his job as an owner easier.


Dan Tereshko of the Boston South, MA franchise location, shared his experience in developing his team has been by far, the most rewarding aspect of owning the business. In the future, he wants to be the household name in the Boston area for moving and junk removal but he also said, “I want to continue to grow so that I can continue to create opportunities for others because we bring in a lot of young guys without much experience or perspective and one of our core values is building leaders so it’s really rewarding to see that light bulb go on for somebody where they start to understand what it takes to run a small business and why we do what we do.” Tereshko went on to say that he was really proud that he was able to get into the system fairly early (about 6 years ago) and help to contribute to it as a whole and “I really appreciate the effort that College HUNKS has put into growing this brand.”

With an emphasis on living the College HUNKS core values,

  • Building Leaders
  • Creating a Fun, Enthusiastic Team Environment
  • Listening
  • Fulfilling & Delighting
  • Always Branding

Many of the franchise owners we spoke with are doing well with the College HUNKS business model and are happy about their decision to join the College HUNKS family. With a technology edge that offers support and resources to help franchisees grow their businesses, most franchisees say the training plus the on-site and online support from Brand Central is key in their long-term success. Most franchisees say that the support they get from the College HUNKS business coaches is a critical element to hitting the ground running and getting each new location set up for success and beyond.

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Choosing a franchise can be a daunting task requiring extensive research and number crunching, not to mention some soul searching. This month, we go to the source. College HUNKS invites you to learn what our franchise partners have to say about why they partnered with College HUNKS for success and what their experience has been like. From core values and support from Brand Central to the brand’s mission to overhaul the junk hauling and moving business – it’s all here, listen up!