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How to Garner a Sense of Connection With Your Franchise Employees

May 15, 2020

How to Garner a Sense of Connection With Your Franchise Employees

While the main benefit of investing in a franchise is the ability to be your own boss, as a franchise owner, you are also a boss to your entire staff roster. While leadership is an important skill that we look for as we select our franchisees, it is normal to worry about connecting with your employees on a deeper level.

We can likely all remember bosses we have admired, and it is important for franchisees to emulate that in their own leadership tactics by genuinely connecting with their employees.

How to Genuinely Connect With Your Franchise Employees

Ask employees for their opinions and feedback. Though franchise owners are definitely in tune to what their employees’ day-to-day operations look like, there is no better way to gain perspective than by chatting directly with those people regarding their jobs. Regularly check in with employees and ask for feedback or what you can do to make their jobs more streamlined, and listen openly to what they have to say.

Empower your employees to learn and grow. We are all about building a new generation of leaders at the College H.U.N.K.S.® franchise, and one of our values that helps us achieve that is by focusing on empowering everyone in the company to flex their leadership muscles. Make sure your employees feel empowered to boost their leadership and professional skills and encourage them to think about their long-term future within the company.

Remember to stay human. Franchise owners have a lot on their plate, and at times it can feel easy to give into feelings of overwhelm or stress—but as a leader, these feelings make it far more difficult to engage with your employees on a human level. While you want to maintain strong personal and professional lines, make sure to chat with employees regularly to get an update on their lives and create a genuine, human connection in addition to your employer-employee dynamic.

Do not forget to set an example. Employees work harder for leaders that they respect and look up to, so remembering to always lead by example is a great way to encourage this in your own operations. Show them that you are not afraid to get in the trenches, do what needs to be done and support your staff every step of the way.

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