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Why the Real F.O.M.O. “Fear of Moving Out” Is Not So Scary

August 23, 2019

FOMO is the “Fear of Missing Out” according to mainstream acronym gurus, but the greater fear in a person’s everyday life is the fear packing up everything you own, putting it into organized boxes, just to spend weeks unpacking it -- in other words, the fear of moving out. Whether you are moving away from your family home to start a new journey in college, a fresh start in a new city, or just a few blocks away from your last resting spot, the general hassle of moving is never something one begs for.

Moving can be tedious; it asks you to reflect on your material life, down to every item in your long-since organized junk drawer. While many may not want to move, according to industry moving professional Joshua Green, the average American moves at least once every five years. But the silver-lining is arguably one of the biggest rewards in one’s life as well; a change a scenery, an appreciation for what you have and a new chapter of your life to explore.

Regularly moving, an increased way of functioning in the modern United States, has made this FOMO more relevant to a larger number of people, about 43 million a year according to SmartBox Moving. That is a lot of lives to seal into boxes and move all around this country on a daily basis. But because moving has become such a regular occurrence in many lives, so have ideas about the process and ease of moving.

Why You Should Embrace Your Upcoming Move

While the last few facts you read in this article may only leave you experiencing some FOMO, you should really find some peace in knowing you aren’t the only person moving. In fact, popular media like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo acknowledge the need for people to restructure their living spaces, and more people want to with how often they move.

There are more resources at your fingertips than ever before, such as businesses like College HUNKS Hauling Junk, who want to help you move with ease. With more people moving, it might seem more natural to approach the do-it-yourself route, but looking at moving as an opportunity to reorganize and love everything that you reconfigure is only a click away. Our certified, professional packers and loaders offer stress-free moving services for local, student, office, and long distance moves. Feel comfortable knowing that our shipments are fully insured and covered with valuation coverage. We also offer a wide variety of moving boxes and supplies and climate-controlled storage facilities that will guard your property at every stage of the moving process.

The fear of moving out can be your personal time to improve your space and you might find yourself minimizing your home to save a little room in the moving van. Let our College HUNKS. offer a helping hand to clear out your clutter and haul away your unwanted junk in an eco-friendly manner. To make the transfer even smoother you can read up on our moving tips, learn how to pack and evaluate your belongings and discover the best times to move.

Regularly moving may seem like a fear, but it’s also a time to find a new way of organizing your place in your new space, especially knowing that you’re not alone.

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