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What Materials Do I Need for Moving?

June 17, 2019

What Materials Do I Need for Moving?

Often times, when you start planning your move and sorting what to pack, you're mostly focusing on the items themselves. While that's a good thing, you also need to think about what you're putting all your belongings into and the materials you’ll use to keep them safe and stay organized. There are several packing materials that you need for moving to make the entire process run smoothly.


This one is typically a “gimme” — you need boxes to put your belongings in. If you have large storage containers already, pack what you can in those since they'll be coming with you anyway. Once you start looking at boxes, it's best to use ones made of sturdy cardboard so they won't tear or get otherwise damaged. You may also want to have several different sizes of boxes that way you can accommodate everything you’re packing.

Bubble Wrap

No matter how careful you are carrying boxes, there's always a chance that your more fragile belongings could get damaged if not properly wrapped. Whether it's a ceramic vase or glass lighting fixture, use bubble wrap to protect these items from any harm.

Cloth Wraps

When it comes to moving larger items that don't fit into boxes, such as furniture and electronics, you want to have cloth wraps placed over these pieces to protect them from any scratches or other damage. While you may be able to purchase them online, a professional moving company will typically supply them during your packing.


Also a big help when moving larger items, dollies can save you a lot of stress and pain during your move. Rather than trying to lift and transport your couch from your living room to the moving truck in the front yard, you can simply place it on a dolly and roll it to where you need it.


While these aren't necessary for actually moving your belongings, they are a great help when it comes to staying organized. Use large markers to label each box that you pack up and keep track of what is in each box. This way you don't have to open seven different boxes before you find the one that contains an item you're looking for in that moment.

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