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Why A Goodwill Organization Bought A College Hunks Hauling Franchise

October 29, 2014

Increased business in other markets drove the decision to enter the moving and hauling franchise business

College Hunks Hauling and Moving is growing steadily nationwide as entrepreneurs continue to find value in the moving and hauling franchise. One thing those entrepreneurs appreciate is the ability to partner with local nonprofits, so that everyone benefits from the hauling and moving services provided by the franchise owners. Now a Goodwill operation in Virginia is taking advantage of the opportunity that this franchise offers.

Rappahannock Goodwill Industries has become College Hunks Hauling franchise owner and will be offering the hauling, donation pickup and recycling franchise services, as well as residential and commercial moving services. The Goodwill location covers a 12-county service area, including Stafford and Spotsylvania, and the city of Fredericksburg. It has already garnered favorable coverage in local media.

Goodwill benefits from solid sales, referral infrastructure

“We already have partnerships with almost 30 Goodwill organizations throughout the country,” said Nick Friedman, president and co-founder. “Goodwill refers prospective donors to our franchise owners for pickup services if a donor has an immediate need that Goodwill can’t meet or if the donor has a mixed load of things to be moved and hauled away. That way Goodwill doesn’t miss out on the donations, and our franchisee is able to serve a new client. The results of the College Hunks Hauling referral relationship with Goodwill have been increased donation volume, quality and donor loyalty to Goodwill.”

Items that Goodwill isn’t able to use or sell in its retail stores will likely find their way to other organizations or recycling outlets. So the entire community is able to benefit from this partnership. And along the way, jobs will be provided for Goodwill’s employment-training graduates, so the franchise will help Goodwill fulfill that core mission.

“In areas where we have partnered with Goodwill, we have had a significant impact on their donation stream,” Friedman said. “They have seen donations go up by as much as 30 to 50 truckloads a month. The Rappahannock Goodwill wanted to partner with a franchise in Fredericksburg, and we didn’t have one. So they decided they would open their own! Operating their own franchise will be even better for them, as it will allow Goodwill to tap into our online and call center scheduling network, and we believe they will have a great deal of success creating jobs and revenue in addition to an increased donation stream.

“This groundbreaking endeavor of a nonprofit owning a franchise is indicative of a new trend in social enterprises, looking to generate revenue to further contribute to the nonprofit organization’s missions while also creating jobs and benefiting the community.”

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