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What Do You See When You Visit The College Hunks Hauling Junk Franchise?

October 22, 2014

Want a behind-the-scenes look at the College Hunks franchise team? Get a preview of what you’ll see when you visit us in Tampa

When franchisees come to College Hunks Hauling Junk for training, team-building or a Discovery Day, they are amazed by the energy, the company culture and the fun of the day-in, day-out business happening here.

Co-founders Nick Friedman and Omar Soliman found the perfect location for their headquarters in the Ybor City Tampa neighborhood, which dates back to the 1800s. Once home to Cuban immigrants and cigar-rolling establishments, it is now a hotspot of restaurants, businesses and culture, and the energy is a perfect complement to what’s happening at College Hunks Hauling Junk franchising.

Art for the eye, science for the mind

Visitors are struck by the brightly colored space, featuring plenty of the College Hunks Hauling Junk orange and green, which represent the company’s fun vibrant brand and its environmentally friendly recycling practices, respectively. One-of-a-kind art by world-renowned artists adorns the walls throughout the building, and there’s even a cinematic tribute to hauling and moving in the kitchen area. (Remember the original junkman Sanford & Son? College Hunks does.)

There’s a serious side here, as well, because Nick and Omar want to make sure that franchisees replicate their success. To that end, another early stop on any tour is the library, where there are shelves of books on franchising, and everyone gets a copy of Effortless Entrepreneur, the best-selling book the two co-founders wrote in 2010.

“We believe in working smart and playing hard, but we also are big into self-improvement and personal development,” Nick says. “Building proven leaders is one of our core values, and so we want to offer the materials that will help do that.”

Also on view is the oversized $10,000 check that Soliman won in 2004 when he submitted a business plan to the Leigh Rothschild Entrepreneurship Competition. That money was the seed funding for College Hunks Hauling Junk.

Sales & Loyalty Center is operational hub

Anchoring the building in many ways is the Sales & Loyalty Center, where the national sales team is hard at work bringing in new business for College Hunks Hauling Junk franchisees. But don’t think it’s all nose to the grindstone: along one wall employees can kick a field goal or shoot a corntoss, winning prizes when sales benchmarks are hit. There’s also a wall aptly named the “Hunk ‘HAUL’ of Fame,” with photos of franchise owners and the territory they’ve claimed.

“It’s just the United States now, but we’re going worldwide, so soon that will be the whole globe,” Nick says confidently. “Our company purpose is to Move the World, both literally and emotionally.”

Just around from the call center and corporate offices is a break area, but even there the energy and enthusiasm that exudes the College Hunks Hauling Junk culture is on display. An entire “vision wall” is given over to aspirations, and employees have notched up some major goals.

“We believe that if you can envision the future, you can make it come to fruition,” Nick says. “That’s the first step to making it a reality.”

Sports theme not just a metaphor

That optimism carries over into the training room, where field-turf grass continues the sporting theme found throughout the building. Ready to step out onto the field? If so, “you’re joining a winning team,” Nick says.

“From the sales center to the coaching and training we offer, we are a team behind our franchisees,” he says. “We do a lot of work in here, but it’s not just a stuffy classroom setting. We are very interactive, and our training sessions show how we can really help our franchise owners, team members and clients in a lot of ways. Everywhere in this building, you can find an area where people are focusing their thoughts and getting ready to tackle the next big challenge. We consider ourselves to be the Google or Facebook of the moving and hauling industry, which means we are revolutionizing it.”

Growth up and out is on the horizon

Given College Hunks Hauling Junk’s amazing growth in less than a decade, it’s no surprise that its headquarters can expand up and out. From warehouse space in the back that shows what a fully realized, mature franchise operation looks like, Nick literally can point in every direction when he talks about the future.

“We own space on the other side of our wall, and we can also build up,” he explains. “Everything here is connected, and that includes the areas where we will grow in the future. It’s all designed for creativity, collaboration and success — no silos. And everything here demonstrates our core values: Listen, fulfill and delight; create a fun, enthusiastic team environment; building leaders; and always branding.”

When people finish the training, they become graduates of Hunk University, and they are out there spreading the word and operating successful franchises. That helps attract even more people to the team, and so we hope more people will jump on board and get their photos on the library’s “Haul” of Fame wall.

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