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Meet Our Detroit Team

Our dedicated College HUNKS team is highly trained and ready to serve you. Each HUNK is carefully selected and chosen to live up to the HUNKS name of being Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable and Service driven. We always strive to provide you with a completely stress-free experience! Here are some of the members on our team who you might interact with on the day of your service:

  • Mike Hackett

    General Manager

    Mike Hackett brings 12 years of experience in franchising operations to the CHHJ - Detroit team. As founder of Syphus Training Franchises, a fitness-industry concept, Hackett led all operations of the company including managing all corporate-owned units, intellectual property licensing, brand management and protection, employee training, business relations and growth initiatives. Hackett has extensive knowledge in franchising law and operational procedures. By joining the Hunks, Mr. Hackett hopes to apply his experience to help this CHHJ franchise location become one of the top performing units of College Hunks.

  • Stevey Hagerman


    I opened doors to this College Hunks location in May of 2021. We are dedicated to growing and upholding the standards of the brand, and treating our customers, as well as our employees, with the same high level of respect and professionalism they deserve. We are relentlessly building a team of youthful members who care about the people and communities around them. WORK = RESULTS

  • Greg Hurst


    Greg was our hockey playing high school hunk, but has now officially earned the title of 'College Hunk' as he heads off to U of M Ann Arbor this fall. His contagious energy and positive attitude are definitely an asset to the group!

  • Parrish Pierce


    Parrish is one of our longest tenured hunks and as you'd expect, probably our most dependable -that is why he was voted our 2023 IRON HUNK by all of his peers. He may need some caffeine to get going some days (who doesn't??), but when he does, look out! There's not much this man cannot move. Our September 2021 Hunk of the Month is a friendly and gentle HUNK. When not working, you may find him working out, bowling, or practicing his artistic talents. He is a strong advocate for Safety First at all times and is a great guy to have on your side.

  • Andre Turner


    Andre, or Dre for short, has been with our franchise almost 2 years now and is constantly being looked up to by other hunks (both literally and figuratively). He is often regarded as our MVH (Most Valuable Hunk) and was recently voted our 2023 Hunk of the Year, and there is no task or challenge he’ll back down from. If the NFL doesn’t come calling for him again, we’re happy to have him on our team for as long as possible. #BuildingLeaders

  • Matt Smith

    Operations Manager

    Gold Medalist in the first annual HUNK Olympics

  • Cathy Ferrara

    Sales Consultant

    Cathy joined our sales team in the Summer of 2022 and has been an asset and huge source of support in all that we've asked of her. As her role has expanded along with her industry experience, she has proven 100% capable every step of the way... we are very pleased she decided to join the HUNKS!

  • Kalvin Hasenauer


    Kalvin is going on two years with the franchise and has been nothing but a contributor since day one. He can be seen quietly leading by example, yet also demonstrate impressive communication abilities when the time calls. He attends LTU in Southfield and has welcomed a growing role with Hunks Detroit! Due to his continual development not only of himself but also in teaching others, he was awarded our 2023 core value award for 'Building Leaders.'

  • Shannah Garrison


    Shannah has been a part of our team well over a year now and has seen and done every type of job one can do in that time. She is an invaluable asset to the group and we look forward to her continued growth with us and as a person in general. Because of her great connection with the customers and teammates alike, Shannah was awarded our 2023 Core Value Award for 'Listen Fulfill Delight.' #Hunkette

  • Malik Maloy


    Malik always brings a fun and positive energy that accompanies his smile very well. He gets along famously with all hunks and customers alike, and has shown great dedication in support of our team! We are lucky to have Malik on our side. And he represents the brand so well that his colleagues awarded him our 2023 core value award for 'Always Branding.'

  • Kyle Hauer


    Mr. Hauer joined our group fresh off a season playing junior hockey over a year ago, and has grown into a quintessential HUNK. His reliability and willingness to help out never go unnoticed, and the sky truly is the limit for Captain Kyle w the hunks!

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  • Emmanuel Blevins


    Emmanuel, or 'Eman' for short, is one of the most polite human beings you should have the pleasure of meeting. He will always greet you with a smile and kindness, and has a contagious positive attitude that is impossible not to feed off of. Going on almost 2 years with our franchise, he is a veteran leader of the Hunks!

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  • Nicholas Palomba


    nickhame: NP little brother of 'AP' feisty lacrosse player at Adrian College

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