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What to look for in a National Accounts Partner

March 8, 2024

By 2026, the U.S. logistics industry is estimated to reach 1.5 trillion in value. If a business wants their corporation smoothly they need a national accounts partner; a company with access to regional and local junk removal and bulk hauling. 

This is an important step for your brand if you want to expand and reach new markets. But the last thing you want is to work with an unprofessional company that overcharges you for the service. 
To help you work efficiently with national accounts, here is a guide to finding the perfect logistics service.

The Importance of National Accounts

Running a company means prioritizing pricing, packaging, and client requests. It can be easy to overlook scheduling issues or forget about payments during your daily tasks. Working with a national accounts partner helps you tackle the daily tasks as well as the growth of your business. 

But what is a national accounts partner?

Unlike other logistics companies, a national accounts partner will support you with cutting costs. Plus, invoicing concerns and nationwide coverage of packaging and delivery. These services are there to coexist with your business so there's consistency and organization across the company. 

If you want to implement new strategies into your business, a national partner can help create transparency and make your process more efficient. National accounts also give your brand a competitive edge and help you gain more long-lasting customers

You can also benefit from better communication internally and externally with clients. When someone uses a national account partner, they expect orders to be delivered on time. If you use these companies for junk removal, a customer expects the job to be completed by a specific date. 

A final reason that national accounts are essential is that they enable businesses to build more concise price plans. When you move your company nationwide, it's vital that you have prices that reflect the quality of your products. This gives you the opportunity to work on both a small and large scale. 

What to Look For in a National Accounts Partner

The first step for finding a trustworthy national accounts partner is to research the company online. You can normally check website reviews and filter through the web pages to find more information about the service.

National accounts will display their title on the about page, so you can ensure that the company has this service. 
If you can't find the information about national accounts, you can also call the company and ask the customer service team. Junk removal companies have to have insurance so they can move items securely. These services should have liability insurance and vehicle insurance. 

Once you've clarified their insurance, you can book a consultation with the company. 

Ask About the Service Details

A national account should offer a range of services from long and short distances. These services will include loading and removing items from a vehicle. As well as donation pickups and yard waste removal. You should have a list of your requirements before you contact the company. 

It's important to note that not all junk removal companies will offer a range of services. For example, some companies will specialize in yard waste. But others will offer to remove dangerous items and heavy equipment.

During a consultation or email, you should also ask about the extra fees for heavy materials. This means you won't receive an unexpected charge on your final bill. 

Compare the Prices

Once you find a junk removal company that's a national account, you should always look at prices and compare them. As every situation is different, you can request a quote from your favorite company and decide if the price is within the range of your budget. 

If you want a quality service, you might have to pay more to work with a national account. This is particularly important if you want to ship or remove items from a long distance. The increase in workload will raise the price of the service. 
That's why it's important to communicate with the company and get a feeling for their professionalism. After you have talked on the phone or met in person, you'll be able to tell if you want to invest your money in the company. 

Why You Need a National Account Company

There's no shortage of junk removal companies, but finding one that has a national account is difficult. These services go beyond the basic setup of removing junk and relocating packages. You can benefit from a national account junk removal company because they offer individualized scheduling. 

You will also have better control over your paperwork and invoicing. The billing system allows you to send documents to several locations to different companies. 

The service includes a personalized number to contact the national accounts team when necessary. This makes it easier for businesses to solve problems when they arise without affecting their customer service. 

If you're new to working with these services, the team can help you find your feet with different processes. You have access to a highly trained staff with experience with other companies. So, they can offer the best service available for your company. 

The best thing is that you can continue working with the same company if you plan to grow your business to more locations. This will make it easier to expand your documents from one place. And you can work more quickly when you have access to everything with a national account company.

Upscale Your Business With the Right Service

Junk removal national accounts offer services in delivery support, office cleaning, and long-distance corporate moves. But, the quality of service depends on the personal touch of the employees. 

Our reviews show how dedicated we are to our job and that we can get the job done by the time you need it. We have contacts in 200+ locations and can help you get started right away!

Are you looking for a logistics company with a national account?

Then, you've found your next junk removal service. Reach out and book a consultation today.