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Top 5 Front Hallway Decor Ideas to Consider for Homeowners

April 14, 2023

Imagine if you made the entrance into someone's home and it didn't seem welcoming. You'd be tempted to make your exit as soon as possible!

The entrance to your home is the first impression that your guests will have. We want to ensure that it's warm, welcoming, and suits your personal style. This means you can make it as grand as possible or as minimalist as you need.

In this guide, we’ll look at the top 10 front hallway decor ideas that'll make your space both functional and beautiful.
Here's what you should consider:

front door decor

1. Front Door Transformation

Before you welcome us in, we want you to think about how you'll decorate your front door and front door portico if applicable.
First, consider if you have a front garden. This already gives a great ambiance to your home. You'll need to ensure that you maintain this area well.

Your grass should be cut at all times. If you grow flowers, make sure you water them regularly. You want to give the impression that you give the utmost care to your home.

Now, consider decorating your front door. You can choose for your front door to be the same color as your house. This subtle look warrants additional decoration.

If not, consider coloring your door a contrasting color. For example, a white-colored house could have a dark blue or red door.
For decorations, you can add a wreath or flowers to the door. Additionally, you can also add a wall sculpture near the front door.

entryway decor

2. Decorating the Entryway

Once you've decorated your door and your entrance, it's now time to look at the entryway.
A simple method to draw attention to your entryway is to use a statement piece. This could be a unique piece of furniture, beautiful artwork, or even a standout wall color. The statement piece intends to set the tone for the rest of your house.

Another decoration to consider is adding a few accessories to your entryway. These can include a beautiful vase, family photos, a few books, or a beautiful piece of sculpture.

This is a great way to attract your guests' attention and is a perfect conversation starter.

However, you want to be careful not to clutter the entryway. Too many accessories will make the area feel chaotic and overwhelming. Save that for your storage room!

If you have a larger entryway, you have more options for furniture and decor. You might want to add a console table or a set of chairs. This makes for a great seating area — especially if you're throwing a large party.

You should also consider adding a rug to add a bit of personality and vibrancy to the entryway. Not to mention it's an easier way to keep your floors clean.

hallway decor

3. Feeling Welcome in the Hallway

The best way to make you and your guests feel welcome is to enter a well-lit home.

You may want to add a combination of overhead lighting and accent lighting. This can include a table lamp or wall sconces. If you have a high ceiling, this is your opportunity to show off that chandelier you've had your eyes on.

The hallway walls can be a continuation of the entryway. You can use the same color or you can consider using wallpaper instead.

A bold, graphic print will make a big impact if you have a small or narrow hallway. It’s also a great way to show off your aesthetic preferences.
However, you must choose a wallpaper that's durable and easy to clean. The entryway is a high-traffic area, so wallpapers are often the first things to get damaged!

home decor entryway organizer

4. Entryway Organizer

One of the biggest advantages of your front hallway is that it's perfect for storing items temporarily.

If you always misplace your keys, isn't it easier to keep them somewhere by the front door? If you live in a cold climate and always need a coat handy, isn't it easier to hang it by the front door?

You may want to consider adding organizational structures to your entryway. This can include a coat hanger or a small table by the front door. You can also add a wall organizer.

This is a cupboard by the front door where you can store your clothing, umbrellas, shoes, and any additional everyday items. The wall organizer can have small cubbies where you store these additional items.

You can choose a color for your wall organizer that contrasts with your wall or wallpaper.

This is another great way to draw attention to your aesthetic preferences. It also signals to your guests that they can store their belongings if necessary.

entryway mirror

5. Mirror and Dresser

Your home's entryway is also the perfect place to install a mirror and dresser. Sometimes, you're on your way to an important event and you want to ensure you're dressed for the part.

Rather than having to hurry back to your bedroom or bathroom, you can check your appearance by the front door.

You can put up a large portrait mirror by your front door. Make sure it's far enough from the open front door. Place the dresser against the wall. This is your chance to place a beautiful dresser that sticks out from your other furniture.

In the entrance dresser, you can put duplicates of items you'd put in your bedroom dresser. This is a great way to put the finishing touches before you leave your home.

This isn't there in most of the homes you'll come across and is a great way for your humble abode to stand out.

front hallway decor

Those Are Our Front Hallway Decor Ideas

Those are our suggestions for front hallway decor ideas to enhance your home.

Make sure you focus first on the outside entrance. Consider decorating or re-painting the door to make a great impression.

You can use your front hallway to show off sculptures and artwork. You can also add an entryway organizer or a mirror and dresser. Make sure you and your guests feel welcome when they walk in.

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