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The Complete Guide to Updating Home Offices: Everything to Know

March 16, 2023

When the pandemic hit in 2020, many of us were relegated to working from home. This has resulted in an uptick in home offices, many of which are still being used to this day. 

Are you still working out of the home office? Is it starting to look like a permanent thing? If so, you might want to consider making a home office update.

But what are the keys to updating home offices? We're going to get into that below. Here's everything you need to know about home office lighting, home office furniture, home office design ideas, and more. 

Get Rid of Little-Used Items

First and foremost, you should get rid of little-used items. This could more simply be called decluttering, and it's key to a home office update.

Do you have a houseplant that's dead and decayed? Toss it into the trash. 

Do you have a TV that almost never gets turned on? Move it to another room. 

In essence, break the room down to its necessities. Minimalize it and see what's left. Then, you can start figuring out how to work the existing items into your future design. 

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Consider What Makes You Happy

Your home office is, of course, what you use to get work done. Work can be, as you know, boring. Therefore, to stave off boredom, you need to adorn your home office with things that make you happy. 

Are you a fan of a certain football team? If so, you could adorn your office wall with related memorabilia.

Have a family? If so, you could cover your office with pictures of your spouse and children. 

Maybe you're into Star Wars or The Beatles or Jeopardy or some other niche interest? All of these are open-season and could be incorporated into your office design. 

You don't necessarily need to come up with a theme. However, you should think about the things that make you happy and comfortable, and then make them a part of your office. 

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Go Overboard with Lighting

Some rooms call for dim lighting. Some rooms call for standard lighting. Then there's the home office; the home office calls for an abundance of lighting. 

See, light helps a person to feel more productive. It keeps people alert and fosters a positive attitude. Therefore, the more lighting in your office, the better off you'll be. 

There are several ways to institute lighting in your office. First off, make use of natural lighting. If you don't already have a window in your home office, consider installing one. 

Also, be sure to have a desk lamp. The desk lamp provides direct lighting for reading and writing purposes.

You'll also need ambient lighting in the form of a corner lamp, recessed ceiling lights, and the like. You might even consider hanging string lights for style and ambience. 

There is no shortage of home office lighting out there. So, peruse many options and pick ones that are desirable to you. 

Choose Optimal Home Office Furniture

When you first started working from home, you probably just grabbed whatever furniture was available to you and tried to make do with it. Odds are, much of this furniture lacks something in the comfort and vibe departments.

As such, it’s time to update your furniture. It’s time to find furniture that possess optimal comfort and aesthetics. 

ergonomic mesh task chair

First off, find a chair that’s supportive for your body. You’d likely best benefit from a swivel chair with the capability to adjust heights. You should also consider features such as arm rests and lumbar support. Check out this ergonomic desk chair for under $75! 

mancheer height adjustable standing desk

Next, look toward a new desk. Find one that sits at the ideal height for your body. It should allow you to use your computer without forcing you to look up or bend down. An adjustable height desk is perfect so you can set it to your ideal height as well as allow you to stand and work!

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Also, consider relaxation furniture such as couches and recliners. This would be beneficial in giving you a break throughout the day. 

Finally, consider setting up some new storage furniture. Coffee tables, bookshelves and the like will not only help to deter clutter but will also bring a new vibe to your office. 

Apply a New Coat of Paint

An office needs to be a productive place. This is why the next of our home office design ideas is to apply a new coat of paint to the walls and ceiling. The right color of paint can lift one’s mood, allowing for optimal performance throughout the day.

 We advise focusing on bright and warm colors. These run the gamut from baby blue to sun yellow to clover green and more. Slap on a new coat and take advantage of the inviting vibes. 

Add Special Features

Our last piece of advice when updating your home office to accommodate your remote job schedule is to add special features. These are things that make your life easier/more comfortable but which aren’t necessities. 

For instance, you could keep a space heater in your office. Or, you could line your office with plants. You might also want to consider adding a voice-activated assistant like the Amazon Echo. 

There is no shortage of features that you can add. So, brainstorm the items that might benefit you and consider buying some. 

Updating Home Offices Currently?

Are you updating home offices now? Need to get rid of some junk? If so, we here at College H.U.N.K.S. are the people to see. 
We're well-versed in the removal of various junk. We also transport donations to their rightful spots. If you need assistance during your home office renovation, contact us now!