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Top 10 Instant Pot Recipes to Try When Moving | College HUNKS

May 13, 2022

Top 10 Instant Pot Recipes to Try When Moving

Each year, 40 million Americans pack up their homes and move somewhere new. If each of those folks takes about two months to move and eat three meals a day, that's three billion, six hundred million meals!

Now, how many of those meals do you think are pizza delivery or fast food? 

A move is a stressful and physically taking experience, so if there was ever a time to eat healthy, it's now! Instead of settling for fast food burgers, you should investigate easy instant pot recipes. It's the simplest way to keep hot and complete meals coming, even if you've packed half the kitchen!

Getting hungry? If you'll be making meals when moving, this list of instant pot recipes is just one way that your College H.U.N.K.S. can make your move easier. Keep reading to find recipes for ten great meals for families in transition!

Recipe One: Boxed Mac and Cheese

Did you know that you can make your favorite boxed mac and cheese in your instant pot with no draining required? This one's perfect for when the kids are hungry, and you've already packed the colander. 

Open your instant pot and add the noodles and the amount of water indicated on the box. If you're looking for sources of protein, pop in some cut-up hotdog, too! Cook on high pressure for three minutes and then allow it to naturally release before adding the butter and your cheese packet. 

Stir and enjoy!