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How to clean up from Hoarding | College HUNKS

May 18, 2022

Hoarder Cleanup & Junk Removal: What Does It Involve?

Do you have a pile of clothes, books, or other items taking up space in your home? Maybe you have been meaning to get rid of it for years but never got around to it—you simply keep adding more and more each day. And as easy as it may sound, getting rid of it is not that easy. For people with Hoarding Disorder, it's even more complicated.

Hoarding goes beyond being a messy person. Hoarding is a mental disorder that can cause people to obsessively collect items, even if they do not need them or have the space for them. According to the journal of affective disorders, about 2.5% of the population suffers from compulsive hoarding disorder.

What Does the Hoarder Cleanup and Junk Removal Process Involve?

Getting rid of belongings can be an emotional experience for a Hoarder. Maybe they have been holding on to certain items because they have sentimental value, or they think you might need them one day. We understand the complexities of dealing with Hoarding Disorders and are here to help clear out clutter and start fresh.

Here are a few steps we take during hoarding cleanup:

1. Evaluating the Area

We evaluate the problem areas and come up with a game plan. Not all areas of a Hoarders home are filled to the brim with clutter. Some areas can even be neatly organized and simply need items to be removed. Other areas may hide environmental contaminants that our HUNKS will take precautions against. 

2. Gathering the Right Supplies

After assessing the situation, we will then gather the necessary supplies needed for the job. This includes boxes, labels, bags, personal protective equipment and anything else required to ensure your belongings are properly taken care of.

3. Sorting Through Belongings 

After gathering the necessary supplies, we will then start sorting through belongings. This is where it gets emotional for some people. But do not worry; we will take our time and go through everything to ensure we know what is being kept and what is being donated or thrown away. Our HUNKS are very understanding and treat belongings with the utmost care and respect.

4. Cleaning Up

After we have sorted through belongings, we will start cleaning up the area. This is to ensure that the area is clean and safe. However, if there is a biohazard concern, a licensed cleaning and sterilization company should be contacted for further cleaning and disinfecting.

5. Donating, Recycling, or Throwing Away Items

We then take care of donating, recycling, or throwing away any items that are no longer needed. Any items still in good condition will be donated to a local charity. On the other hand, those not in good condition will be recycled or thrown away, depending on the condition.

Ready for a Change?

Hoarding is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly. If you or someone you know is struggling with hoarder cleanup, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Hoarder cleanup is not easy, but we are here to help! We will make the process seamless. And yes, we also get rid of all the junk! What are you waiting for? Call us today! We will be more than happy to assist you! Let us help make life clutter-free and restore peace of mind.