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The Top Children's Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

January 18, 2022

The Top Children's Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Is your child's room a disaster zone most of the time? It's no secret that most children hardly prioritize tidiness. They're still learning how to clean up after themselves (or you're still doing it for them). 

This is an even bigger struggle if you live in a small space. Where are you going to put all your child's things? Between clothes, toys, and necessities, you have a lot of objects and not a lot of space.

Even after you've finished decluttering, it seems like there's an endless supply of stuff pouring out of the closets. Now what?

We're here to offer a few children's storage solutions to get you started. Keep reading to learn more.

stackable plastic storage containers for children's toys

DIY Stackables and Containers

If you love a good project, consider making DIY children's storage spaces. This is a fun activity that you can do alone or with older children. 

You're going to want to look for items that could turn into storage options. Find milk crates, wine crates, and even unused drawers. Anything box-shaped will work.

Start decorating your objects so they all match. Remember that they'll be sitting on their sides (so the open area faces outward). We recommend painting them in colors that match the room and perhaps even adding colorful and fun contact paper to the backs.

To stack items, you can either permanently affix them to each other with nails or just stack them temporarily. Temporary stacks may be better for small children because you can modify the stack as the child grows and is able to reach higher things. 

hooks hanging on wall in kids room to provide additional storage solutions

Utilizing Vertical Space

In small rooms, vertical space is your friend. 

Start with wall-mounted shelves. These are great for storing decorative items and stuffed animals. Make sure that high shelves only store things that children don't need, and low shelves store their necessities (so that your child can reach them).

We also recommend adding hooks to the room if possible. Hooks are great for storing clothing, hats, and even some toys. You can even hang your child's outfits for the week on hooks so that they're easy to grab in the morning. 

pink and white childrens toy storage bench

Storage Benches

If you don't already have multi-use items in your child's room, you're missing out. Storage benches and storage ottomans are perfect when you're trying to figure out how to organize children's rooms without taking up a lot of unnecessary space. 

Storage benches and ottomans provide places for your children to sit and place all their things. They're great for storing toys, blankets, and seasonal clothing. 

If you don't want to buy a storage bench, this is another great project for any avid DIY-er. You can make one with relative ease

children's toy storage located underneath bed

What's Under the Bed?

The space under your child's bed is a valuable area for storing all kinds of things. Bonus: when you use that space for storage, your child won't have to worry about monsters lurking down there. There's no room for them to hide!

You have a few options.

Some beds come with built-in storage underneath in the form of drawers. If you're about to get a new bed for your child, we recommend this type.

If your child already has a bed that has space underneath, invest in storage containers that will fit. You can buy long and almost-flat containers that are perfect for storing small toys and clothing. 

If you have an older child, why not use a loft bed? If your child is old enough for a bunk bed, they're old enough for a loft bed.

Underneath the bed, you can place bookshelves, cubbies, or toy boxes. For older children, you can also place a desk where they can do their homework and store their school supplies. 

children's cubbies located in kids bedroom for toy storage

Cubbies for Easy Organization

Cubby shelves are the perfect storage solution for children and adults alike. If you choose not to put bins in the cubbies, they're great for displaying toys and decorations. If you do use the cubby bins, they're great for storing clothes, accessories, and even books.

You can buy storage cubbies at most furniture stores and department stores. The cubby bins are available in all types of colors and sizes, meaning that you can match them to any child's room. 

They're great for storage for kids because they're easy to label, and the bins are easy to remove. Children should have no problem finding their things and putting them away. 

organizational toy storage bin for home with children

Bins Around the Home

Does the rest of your home suffer from your child's disorganization? Is your living room always filling up with toys and clothing? We have found a solution!

We recommend putting a storage bin in every room in your home that the child spends time in. The bins should be like hampers. When you find an item on the floor somewhere that it shouldn't be, it goes in the bin, so you don't have to waste time returning it to where it belongs right away.

When your child is old enough, task them with putting the items in the bin away every week as one of their chores. 

toy net to store items in children's bedroom

A Plush Toy Net

Your child has an overabundance of plush toys that they don't always play with, right? Why not give them a place to go that won't clutter up your child's closet? 

Hang a soft net from your child's ceiling to store their plush toys. This is great for adding decoration and functionality to the child's room. It's easy to throw toys up there and hard for children to pull down, so you shouldn't have to deal with any messes. 

Try These Children's Storage Solutions

Finding enough children's storage spaces is a challenge when you live in a small home. With these tips, you should be able to help your child keep their room as tidy as possible. You don't need giant walk-in closets and playrooms to hold all your child's things!

Which of these children's storage solutions will you try? 

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