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8 Tips For Hiring Packing Companies For Moving

May 11, 2020

8 Tips For Hiring Packing Companies For Moving

What if you could take all of the stress out of moving?

For a truly stress-free experience, you need to hire a professional packing company. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to find the right packing companies for moving. And, if you make the wrong choice, you're right back at square one!

How do you know you've found the right packing services? With our handy guide, you'll find the company that is best for you and your needs!

1. Packing Power

What should you be on the lookout for when it comes to packing companies? Let's start with the basics: make sure they actually handle packing!

A surprising number of companies only focus on moving. While this is an excellent solution for moving your things from "Point A" to "Point B," it means that you need to handle all of the packing on your own.

And, let's be honest: much of the stress of moving comes from trying to pack everything on your own. It's easy to mix different rooms in the same boxes or pack fragile items in a way that practically guarantees your things will break.

When you get a company that handles the packing, everything gets a lot easier. You'll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from real pros handling every step of the operation.

Best of all, you can get involved as much (or as little) as you want. If you're going to micromanage everybody, that's your prerogative. But if you're going to sit back and let the pros work their magic, you can do that, too!

2. Local-Friendly

Ever hear the phrase, "they can't see the forest for the trees?" That's a pretty good description of most moving companies.

That's because most of these companies focus only on long-distance moving. And that's great if you need to make a significant move from one place to another. But it can be a bad thing if you just need to move your stuff into a new home in the same town.

Mostly, this comes down to pricing. Most companies are happy to move your stuff regardless of the distance. But a company that focuses on long-distance moving will still charge you an arm and a leg for a short move within the same city.

If you focus on a company with plenty of local moving experience, you'll get the best of both worlds. Specifically, you'll enjoy the benefits of their local experience while saving plenty of money that would otherwise go to companies that focus on long-distance moves.

3. Long Distance? No Problem

Sometimes, an entire philosophy can be boiled down to a simple meme. For example, look at that meme with the little girl asking, "Why not both?" The meaning of that meme is clear: you shouldn't settle for one thing when you can have both of the things you want.

That same philosophy applies to the packing companies in your area as well. For the moment, you only need a short-distance or long-distance move. But why not hire a company that can handle both?

You should think of researching these packing services as an investment in your future convenience. If you find a company that can handle both short- and long-term moving situations, you'll save plenty of time in the long run.

Saving time is the same as saving money. And who couldn't use a bit more money when it's time to move all of your stuff to a new location?

4. Commercial and Residential

That "why not both" philosophy extends to other packing company services as well. For example, it's good to find a company that can handle both residential and commercial packing services.

For example, you may only need a company for a short move from one local residence to another. But, if you stay in the area, there's a good chance you're going to need additional moving services over time.

You're not likely to stay at the same job indefinitely. Whether you need better wages or additional challenges, you are likely to change jobs several times throughout your career.

If you're staying in the local area, that means a lot of packing and moving over time. Instead of hunting down a new company every time you need help, why not find one company that can handle all of your packing and moving needs over the years?

5. Storage Options

You've probably figured out our philosophy by now. Everything boils down to saving you both time and money. One of the best ways to do this is to find a kind of Swiss army packing company.

What kind of company is that? Simple: it's a company that can do a little bit of everything. A great example of this is a company that can handle the packing, moving and storage.

The best packing companies have a variety of different storage options. Whether you need temperature-controlled indoor storage or simple outdoor storage, a versatile packing company has you covered.

If you go with a packing company that doesn't offer storage options, you're just going to kick yourself later. When you do need to take advantage of storage services, you're just going to lose more time and money, finding a third party that can handle everything.

Why not make things easier and hire a company that can do it all?

6. College-Friendly

Depending on your plans and the size of your family, you may want to find a packing company that is college-friendly.

You might think that most packing companies would be college-friendly, but you'd be wrong. Many companies don't know their way around the campus or have any experience packing up and moving the contents of a dorm room.

Standard movers may have a lot of difficulties simply finding parking on the campus and locating critical areas like a specific dormitory. If you're paying someone by the hour, you may end up losing a lot of money just getting them to your door!

And all of this goes back to the "why not both" philosophy we mentioned earlier. You may not need an experienced college packer and mover at this exact moment in time. However, you may need one a few years down the line. It can save a lot of time to choose packing services that can do this on top of everything else.

7. Versatile Services

When do you need a moving company if you're not planning to move? Even those who have settled in their permanent home may need certain kinds of packing services from time to time.

The best example of this is junk removal. Nothing can make a big house feel small like jamming every room with too many things. Eventually, you may need professional help simply clearing the space out!

A common area that needs this kind of thing is the garage. Most homeowners tend to throw plenty of stuff in the garage for easy access and later use. Before you know it, though, you never actually need those things, and the garage is practically overflowing with unused junk.

Sometimes, you may just need a bit of seasonal help. Need someone to help you recycle that giant Christmas tree or help you take your spring cleaning to the next level? In that case, you should let the professionals take a crack at it.

And if you change your mind about being permanently settled, experienced packing companies can help you clean out the entire estate. You can transform a cluttered home into showcase quality in practically no time with the right help.

8. Fair Pricing

We saved one of the biggest tips for last. To really get your money's worth out of the packing services, you need to make sure you're getting the best possible price.

What's a sign that a packing company is going to shake you down for money? Such companies usually have a ton of different price structures and hidden fees. This allows them to charge you for plenty of cash, and you don't see it coming until you get the bill.

The best companies usually just have two kinds of fees: one for truck and travel, and the other for an hourly fee. This avoids any drama with hidden fees and also lets you fully customize your packing experience.

For example, if money is tight, you may not want someone to spend all day packing up your home. Instead, you can simply pay for a couple of hours and let professionals move out your most cumbersome items.

This results in an experience with no price-gouging and no hidden fees. You get all the help you need without spending a ton of money.

If you ask us, that's a great way to avoid stress when moving!

Making the Right Choice of Packing Companies for Moving

Now you know what to look for when it comes to packing companies for moving. But do you know how to find the best company in town with the click of a button?

Our professional team is ready to handle all of your packing and moving needs. We can also with everything from junk removal to picking up large donations.

If you need it packed or moved, we're here to help. To see what we can do for you, book our services today!