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Cleaning Out Your Home From Top To Bottom

November 11, 2019

Cleaning Out Your Home From Top To Bottom

There are plenty of reasons why people decide to go through their homes, map out all their belongings, and choose what stays and what goes — they’re moving, adding a new addition to the family, or simply realize that they have too much stuff and need to (literally) clean house.

However, when you have boxes upon boxes of items filling your home, it can be difficult to figure out where exactly to begin. If you take things room by room, you’ll find that cleaning out your home can be a relatively easy task to accomplish. From top to bottom, here’s everything you should aim to take care of.

How to Clean Out Your Home

Your Attic

If you’re like most people, your attic is filled with storage containers of items that you rarely, if ever, think about, much less use. This can leave you struggling to move around that space and unable to find what you were looking for in the first place.

When it comes to your attic, there are several things you can clean out right off the bat:


You may be holding onto the kids’ old cribs and changing tables out of nostalgia or simply because you packed them up years ago and haven’t thought to get rid of them yet. But rather than taking up space and collecting dust in your attic, consider donating those furniture pieces if they’re in good condition or junking them if they’re not.


You probably don’t even realize how many holiday decorations you’ve collected over the years. Rather than put all those boxes back into your attic to sit there for another 365 days, decide what decorations are worth keeping and which you can toss — you’ll end up with way fewer boxes and more free space.

Empty Boxes

If you get a new appliance or dish set, it might seem wise to keep the box it came in, in case you need to return it. However, if you’ve had said appliance for years, it’s time to get rid of that box. Go through your attic and check any and all empty boxes. If you’ve had the item that belongs in it for more than a few months, get rid of the box.

Your Bedrooms

Bedrooms are notorious for being filled with items that you’ve all but forgotten about. Luckily, there are several things you can clean out so your space isn’t too cluttered.


Have you taken a real, hard look at how much clothing you have lately? Chances are, you have more than you realize — and some may not even still fit you. Take a day or two to go through your closet and drawers and figure out what you want to keep, donate, or junk.


While it’s nice to collect little trinkets over the years, a small collection can quickly become clutter on top of your dresser. Choose a few to keep on display and put the rest in a storage bin. If you want, you can even rotate the trinkets you display so you can switch up what you see.

Your Bathroom

You may think there isn’t much of a way to clutter up your bathroom — but you’d be wrong. Plenty of homeowners stack their bathroom cabinets with half-empty beauty products or three bottles of the same cleaning product.

Combine products when you can — or try to avoid buying the same item until you’ve completely finish the old one. Doing this will help keep clutter out of your bathroom and have the most important items within reach.

Your Kitchen

From the inside your fridge to the top of the countertops, there are plenty of areas for clutter to take over your kitchen. The thing is, since this is an area the holds sharp objects, namely knives and appliance blades, all that clutter can pose a big safety risk. Some of the main places to clean out in your kitchen include:

Your Fridge

While you may want to save that extra piece of cheesecake for another night, leftovers and other condiments can quickly add up. At least once a month, take an hour to clean out your fridge and get rid of any leftovers or takeout containers to clear up space.

Your Cabinets

How many plastic containers and mismatched lids call your cabinets home? If you’re like most people, that can be many. Rather than keep all that clutter, match the containers to the lids and throw out (or recycle) ones you cannot pair together.

Your Countertops

If your countertops are currently littered with old magazines, newspapers, and to-do lists, toss them in the recycle bin. You should make it a habit to junk or recycle paper items regularly to avoid cluttering up your kitchen.

Your Garage

You can’t use your garage to house your car or as a workspace if it’s filled to the brim with junk. To clean out your garage, get rid of unused sports equipment, old electronics, and empty boxes you no longer need or use.

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