Best Ways to Pack Clothes for Moving

Clothes are often one of the most confusing things to pack when moving, and the most important advice we can give is to start packing your clothing early. The first thing to consider is the amount of clothing you are taking to your new home. If you skipped spring cleaning or your winter purge, now is the time to thin out your closets and drawers, and donate clothing you no longer wear or want to keep. We also recommend washing or dry cleaning all your clothes before moving because you don’t want to open a box of sweaty (possibly mildewy clothing) after they have spent days in a box. Your last load of laundry should be done the day before moving. You will need supplies such as moving boxes, labels, wardrobe boxes, suitcases, duffle bags, vacuum bags or garbage bags, bubble wrap, and packing tape. Suitcases and duffle bags can help to save on buying moving boxes if they are used to pack clothes and accessories.

What is the best way to pack clothes for moving?

Have you stored your seasonal clothing? Be sure they’re in a sturdy box, and be sure to inspect them before your move. When packing bulky items such as jackets and winter wear, you can also layer these on top of a sheet, tie it all up in a bundle, and put this inside of a garbage bag. Some prefer to use vacuum-sealed bags that compress these items and make them less bulky. Frequently worn clothing items should be packed last or in a suitcase you will travel with.

When packing your clothes for moving you have several options. For clothing already on hangers in your closet, you will want to buy wardrobe boxes that allow you to move the clothing straight from the closet to the box, and keep them hanging on a rod inside the box. This makes unpacking at your new home much easier—and keeps the wrinkles out too. Folded clothes normally kept in your furniture may be able to stay in your drawers, but you’ll want to ask your moving company to be sure. If you need to empty your drawers, you will want to be sure to use small and medium boxes as clothing boxes can get very heavy, very quickly.

When you move stuff to boxes, you can either roll or fold your clothes—we recommend sticking with whatever you already do in your drawers to make unpacking less stressful. When using cardboard boxes for packing clothes, we recommend you line it all around with packing paper and be sure to cover the top with it as well. This will help keep cardboard fibers off your clothing. Expensive or delicate clothing items should be packed securely in separate boxes, and should travel with you when possible.

Shoes should be cleaned before packing each pair into shoeboxes that are then packed into a larger moving box. Jewelry should never be packed with clothing as it can easily get lost. We suggest jewelry be carefully wrapped and packed by you, and taken by you to your new home.

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