Packing Clothes in Boxes or Bags

The decision to pack your clothes in bags or boxes depends somewhat on the type of clothing, personal preference, and what packing materials you have available to you. Without a doubt, boxes are the most common way to pack your clothes during a move. Most people use small to medium boxes for packing clothes as larger boxes can quickly become too heavy. Boxes are easy to label which will make unpacking later easier. When packing clothes in boxes, avoid overstuffing the box as this can cause the box to break or even damage your clothing. Wardrobe boxes are another choice because they are sturdy and have a built-in rod making it easy to pack and unpack clothes you already have on hangers.

Is it better to pack clothes in bags or boxes when moving?

Some clothing items can also be packed in bags. Delicate and expensive clothing items could be covered in clothing bags and moved by you to ensure they are secure. These bags allow you to keep your clothing on a hanger but act as a protector against spills, dust, etc.

Vacuum bags are another choice for bulky winter jackets and winter gear because they compress these items so that they take up less space. Several vacuum bags can be placed in a box to make moving them easier.

Garbage bags may also be of use. You could use them to pack up bulky items such as towels, blankets, or even large jackets, etc.

Items you’ll be moving anyway such as suitcases and duffle bags can also be used for packing clothing.

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