Moving and Packing Playrooms and Toys

Packing kids’ toys can be a family affair or a simple task that older children can do alone. Despite the durability of most toys, there are still some packing tips you’ll want to follow to ensure your child’s favorite toys arrive safely at your new home.

How to pack kids toys for moving

Toys come in all shapes and sizes so begin by grouping toys by size. Game boards stack well together, stuffed animals and dolls are perfect for keeping each other company in a duffle bag or suitcase during a move, and large odd-shaped toys can easily be packed as is in the right-sized box.

Small Toys & Accessories

Line your box with packing paper, towels, or bedding. Then, wrap small toys and accessories together in packing paper. This will prevent small items from getting loose, damaged, or lost. You may also use plastic bags to group accessories and removable toy pieces together.

Large Toys

Larger toys can be stored together and placed directly into an appropriately sized box or plastic bag. If you have larger toys that have the potential to poke through or tear a box, you can line the box with a pillowcase, towel, or packing paper as reinforcement. 

Delicate & Personalized Toys

For delicate, antique, or personalized toys, carefully wrap each individually, and pack together in a box separate from other toys. Mark the box with a description of what’s inside or indicate FRAGILE to ensure the box is handled with care.

If you are making a long-distance move, remember before packing up all your child’s toys, you will want to have your child choose a small toy (preferably without too many accessories or removable parts) to leave out and enjoy during the move. For more packing tips or a list of supplies, or to learn how we can help make your move a stress-free experience, contact College HUNKS

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