Packing cleaning supplies

If your move is a short distance, properly packing cleaning supplies is more feasible. However, leaking cardboard boxes from laundry detergents, for example, could damage the contents of other boxes.

pack cleaning supplies for moving

We recommend using plastic bins that are clearly labeled for moving your cleaning supplies as these bins can help contain liquids that may leak from some containers. Secure the lid for each product, apply tape across the lid to keep the lid closed, and wrap each bottle individually in plastic wrap. Place each bottle vertically in the plastic bin. If there is space in the bin, fill gaps with crumpled packing paper to prevent cleaning products from being tossed around during the move. 

Cleaning supplies are typically the last things that are packed during a move because they are often used to clean up the home before leaving for the last time. Whether you're moving across the country or across town, determine if it’s worth it to pack your cleaning supplies or replace them at your new home.

For long-distance moves, it’s best to buy new products after the move. Use up or properly dispose of the remaining cleaning products before leaving your old home. Transporting cleaning supplies during long moves can be risky, as some cleaning products have hazardous material warnings and require certain precautions when being packed for long hauls. The temperature inside a moving truck, the position in which a cleaning liquid is stored, and the constant shaking and moving that occurs inside of the box can cause spills, leaks, chemical reactions, and sometimes hazardous conditions to occur.

Whether you decide to pack or replace your cleaning supplies, College HUNKS can help ensure you have the right supplies to make the move safely and hazard-free. As you pack up your cleaning supplies, feel free to call our moving experts with any questions that may arise.

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