Bedroom Packing Guide

Bedrooms are among the most challenging of spaces to pack because many elements make up the belongings in a typical bedroom – clothes, jewelry, shoes, family heirlooms, delicate glass or ceramic ware, books, and more.

Packing a Bedroom moving

Packing a bedroom can be strategic and simple if you begin by separating your room by quadrants and categories – pack similar items together.

Closet and Dresser

Clothes on hangers can be left on their hangers and hung in a wardrobe box. Clothes that are stored in your dresser can remain folded and in the drawers but the drawers will need to be removed. Other folded clothing can be placed in a medium-sized box lined with packing paper.  If you don’t have a wardrobe box, you may remove clothes from their hangers and neatly fold them into a paper-lined box. Be careful to store empty hangers separately to avoid clothes getting caught and snagged by loose hangers.

Books and Small Picture Frames, etc.

If you keep a small library of books in your bedroom, be careful to pack them to keep the integrity of your books intact during a move. Choose a small- to medium-sized box to help distribute the weight for easy carrying. Prepare your box by lining it with packing paper and packing books side by side spine side down to create more space and prevent damaging your books.

If you have picture frames, small knickknacks, etc., you can wrap these tightly in packing paper and store them at the top of the box on their edge alongside books. Standing your frames up versus laying them flat prevents the pressure or weight from any book or other objects from breaking the frame’s glass. If there is space between items, fill them in with crumpled packing paper or rags to prevent too much shaking during your move.

Memorabilia and Family Heirlooms

Family heirlooms and memorabilia are things we want to ensure stay in perfect condition during a move. We recommend carrying irreplaceable items with you in the car to avoid accidental damage or loss. To pack them, lining your small to medium box with paper, bedding, or towels adds a great level of protection. Gently secure each item individually in packing paper and place in a box marked FRAGILE. 

Mattress and Bedding

Each mattress should be placed in an airtight mattress bag to ensure it is protected from the moment it leaves your old house until is put in place in your new home. Pillows and other bedding can be placed in vacuum bags or large garbage bags that are sealed up with a knot.

Packing your bedroom properly will have you sleeping better at night knowing everything will arrive at your new home safely. If you're seeking help with packing and moving services, contact College HUNKS to learn more about these additional services.

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