Efficiently Pack Your Bathroom Items

Packing a bathroom for moving must be done with great care. The thought of circumventing a collection of liquids, creams, towels, and bath accessories can be overwhelming so organization is important. Throwing everything out and starting over at your new home can be costly, and an improperly packed box can be messy. Regardless of the number of items in your bathroom cabinets and shelving, a little more effort on the packing end is well worth it to avoid a leaking box.

Moving and Packing Bathroom

There are spill-proof ways to pack up your bathroom for a move that you should keep in mind:

  • Group products by category. Creams, lotions, and liquids should be separated from powders and makeup. When packing liquids and creams, tighten lids and wrap products in plastic wrap or place bottles in plastic bags.
  • Devices such as electric razors and hair dryers should be packed together and packed separately from liquids and soaps.
  • Makeup should be grouped and placed in a cosmetic case or a similar container. Or wrap items in packing paper and place them in a shoebox or any small container that will make transporting them without damage simpler.
  • Brushes and combs should be packed into a small container of their own.
  • Glass and ceramic hand soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, or bathroom wall d├ęcor should be wrapped in towels to prevent breakage.
  • First aid supplies and medicines should be grouped and packed in a small container. Be sure to place any glass bottles in plastic bags.

Using clean towels or bath mats to pad the inside of boxes will prevent items from getting damaged during the move. Be sure to add crushed wrapping paper or rolled washcloths or hand towels in empty spaces to keep items from shifting while moving.  

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