How To Start Preparing For Your Move

While moving can be a challenging life change, properly preparing for an upcoming move can make it a stress-free situation as opposed to a stressful situation. At College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving, we have found that the key is staying organized during the packing and moving process—this means a lot of phone calls and note-taking in advance of the big day (i.e., utility companies, locksmiths, etc.).

Tips on how to start preparing for your move

We have honed the details of the process, and have gathered some important tips for you:

  1. Pick your mover – Whether you’re moving across town or a few states away, choosing the right mover for you and your family will make all the difference. This process should begin 4 to 8 weeks before moving day. Consider pricing and the services offered by each mover you are gathering information from.
  2. Decide which items you will NOT take with you – We have found that labeling items that will not be making the move with a sticky note, helps our customers get a feel for how much they have to give away, sell, donate, or even trash. This can also help save money because the fewer items you take, the less your move should be, and the less you will have to unpack on the other end.
  3. Make a moving checklist – A checklist will help you feel more organized and less like you’re constantly forgetting to do something. Stick to the list and mark things off as you complete them. We have found that organizing your checklist by when tasks need to be completed works well to ensure you feel less overwhelmed and more in control. At the 4-6-week mark, start the packing! Make sure you label boxes clearly so that the unloading and unpacking can also be stress-free.
  4. Get hands-on – When you’ve reached the final few days before moving day, there will be a shift in your focus to some of the more hands-on tasks such as cleaning out your fridge and freezer and allowing those to dry properly, visiting the bank to ensure you have cash on hand for unexpected expenses, getting your car(s) ready for the drive ahead, etc.

College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving takes great pride in making the moving process stress-free for all of our customers. Our professional movers have seen it all and learned a lot along the way so feel free to call us with any questions or concerns leading up to moving day, or for a free estimate.

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