Tips on How To Start Packing To Move

Anyone that has moved will admit that packing for a move can be overwhelming at times. Figuring out where to start the packing process for a move is half the battle. At College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving, we have figured out the art of the move.

Tips on how to start packing to move

Begin by determining what not to take with you. Knowing what you want to take versus what you want to leave behind will help save you time and money—if you have fewer items to pack and move, you will have fewer items to unload and unpack. If your inventory list is shorter, the move should cost less. Once you’ve figured this out, you may also see an opportunity for a garage sale to make some money from the items you’re not taking with you. If you find that you have items that need to be hauled away or to be donated, we can help with that!

Next, we recommend creating a detailed moving checklist and sticking to it. Checklists can help you feel less stressed, and less like you are forgetting something. College HUNKS recommends creating a checklist that also identifies a time frame when each task should be completed to help increase your productivity during the packing phase. Ask family and friends for tips they learned during their moves, and seek advice from your mover as well.

Generally speaking, we advise starting to pack 4-6 weeks before moving day. You’d be surprised how many of the items in your home could probably be packed even earlier because they are not used that often.

As you begin to pack for your move, if you realize you need boxes or other packing supplies, call College HUNKS. We have all the boxes and packing supplies you might need available for purchase without the hassle of a big-box retailer. If you decide that packing is not something you have time to take care of on your own, we also offer packing services, in addition to our full-service moving services.

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