Spending the weekend weeding through rusty equipment, old furniture, and dusty boxes is a task few look forward to. College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving specializes in removing unwanted items that clutter your home so there’s no need to spend your weekend buried in junk and driving to and from the closest dump. Preparing for your junk removal service is as easy as looking through your items and deciding which items you want to be hauled away. We can take everything from old furniture to yard waste and appliances.

Divide The Area Into Sections

Assess the area you want to be cleared out and divide it into sections. This is helpful if you want junk removed from a room or large area. Working in small sections at a time makes the overwhelming task of sorting through junk much easier.

Separate What You Want to be Removed From What You Want to Keep 

Separate unwanted items from items you want to keep. Leave the heavy lifting to the HUNKS . . . if the junk for removal is too heavy, don’t attempt to move it yourself. Instead, make a list or tag the large items in each section you want us to haul away and sort the remainder. Tagging or making a list of items to haul away is especially helpful if you have a friend or family member overseeing the junk pick-up.

If there are items that can be given a second life, College HUNKS will take care of that – we donate 70% of what we haul away. We will sort through your junk items and identify those that can be used by someone else and take them to a nearby donation center on your behalf.

Get An Estimate

Once you have a clear idea of the junk you want the HUNKS to remove, call College HUNKS for a free estimate. We’ll provide you with an accurate estimate and in many instances, we can provide same-day service.

Let College HUNKS Help With All of Your Moving Needs!